The ‘F.A.T.E’ Of Open Educational Resources Relies In Katherine Fletcher, OpenStax On The eLearning Podcast

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You may think it hyperbole if I told you that the “F.A.T.E.” of Open Educational Resources lies on the shoulders of today’s guest. But it’s kinda true. Katherine Fletcher is the Director of Fairness, Accountability, Transparency and Ethics —that is, “F.A.T.E.”— at OpenStax.

She’s our second guest for one of the most important organizations for the advocacy of Open Educational Resources, or OER. And this time around, we dig deeper into the relationship between free quality educational content for everyone and the importance of things like ethics and transparency in our industry

In this very fateful conversation we talk about:

⚖ Why the events sparked by the death of George Floyd in Minneapolis led to a series of conversations on justice and inclusiveness that cascaded into OpenStax and ultimately sparked a new leadership role for the OER powerhouse

💽 We also talk about the importance of having clear equity and diversity goals in your elearning products and technology,  because you you might end up unintentionally sending the wrong messages without them

🤝 Katherine also walk us through OpenStax own processes for “power and accountability,” and why small actions like taking an “equity pause” in the middle of a product meeting can make a huge amount of difference.

🎒 Finally, why, especially in education and humanitarian subjects, it’s more important than ever to “measure what matters;” and why organizations should be brave enough to introduce OKRs that have emotions at their core.

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