What the Moodle™ Users Association Means Today With Thomas Korner And Mike Churchward On The eLearning Podcast

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As many of you know, Moodle™ is the most popular Learning Management System in the world. But despite being free and open source, meaning anybody can contribute, it’s not always easy if you’re not a developer, or if you don’t know what other people want to get out of the LMS.

That’s where the Moodle™ Users Association comes in. My guests for today, Chairman Thomas Korner and Vice Chairman Mike Churchward, discuss what MUA and Moodle™ means today, and what we should expect from the future of open source learning technology.

In this very engaging conversation we talk about:

📈 How Moodle™ gets made and the role of users and MUA in the shape of Moodle™ and its growth.

📪 How to strike a model of community based collaboration that feels intimate and attentive to every voice, while continuing to grow massively.

➕ Why for its leaders, the MUA means Governance, and how they plan to increase the long term influence of user-based initiatives into Moodle™ and the eLearning space as a whole.

🏣 The perils and challenges of open source; and why community building is key for the sustainability of the project, as well as for individuals’ reason to volunteer.

📡 Finally, we talk about the future of Moodle™ and open source communities… as well as whether or not survival, as Thomas believes, is a matter of fostering a decentralized online learning ecology?

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  1. Moodle is the best and most popular choice for an LMS (Learning Management System) – especially as its both open source and has most built in useful features…

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