18 Things You Can Do To Make Your Moodle Site More Accessible — UserWay Accessibility Plugin Overview

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Presented by Eummena

For us at Eummena, accessibility is a very important component to equalize the accessibility of quality education, especially during the current climate. The switch towards the new normal of online education emphasizes the importance of providing adaptable content for students.

This is why we think it’s important to socialize one very useful way to provide accessibility without the need to recode your site by using the Userway Accessibility Plugin.

What UserWay lets you do

Groups of People Supported

  • Visually Impaired
  • Elderly
  • Blind
  • Mobility Impaired
  • Situational Disabilities

In this article we list some of the main features of this plugin, as well as screenshots of how each of them might look like for the end user.

Keyboard Navigation

If the person’s mobility is impaired when it comes to navigation through mouse and trackpad, learners can opt to navigate web pages through a series of commands.

Read Page

This feature allows learners to listen to every element of the webpage be read out loud, this goes hand in hand with keyboard navigation, since they can cycle through the elements using the Tab key.

Contrast +

Allows the page to be displayed in different configurations to facilitate reading or strain the eyes less. The configurations are:

Invert Colors

Dark Contrast

Light Contrast

Desaturate Colors

Highlight Links

Makes all the possible links and interactions within a website more visible, so learners know where their navigation options are.

Bigger Text

Enhance the size of the website’s text, this can be done up to 4 times.

Text Spacing

This feature distances letters from each other to enhance readability. This can be useful for dyslexic/alexic students.

Pause Animations

Pauses every animation in the site in case there are interactions embedded or if the flow of the animation could be overwhelming or confusing to look at.

Legible Fonts

Changing the font type in the site for a standardized readable font, this can be very useful if the sites sacrifice readability for the sake of style or aesthetic, so much to the point it can be hard to read for people with visual impairments or other disabilities.


Modifies the cursor while on the specific site. This has two options:

Big Cursor

Increases cursor size and borders so it is easily trackable.

Reading Guide

Alongside the cursor, the site displays a yellow line that goes across the whole site. Can help mark where the reader is going alongside a long text.


With this feature, users can hover their mouseover over on-screen elements to show alternative text and aria labels. Tooltips appear in high contrast and easy to read font.

Page Structure

This is one of the best features of the widget, it condenses all the links, interactions, headers and hierarchies into one table of contents. This reduces the need to scroll through a site’s design and focus on the navigation path to guide the user where they want to go.

For any questions regarding online education, accessibility, Moodle LMS and EdTech accreditations, contact us at

إن تغطية نظام موودل الخاصة بنا باللغة العربية مقدمة برعاية من يومينا، شريك موودل المميز والمعتمد والشريك المعتمد للمؤسسة الوطنية لتعليم التكنولوجيا NAACE للنضج والتميز في استخدام تكنولوجيا التعليم المؤسساتي لمنطقة الشرق الأوسط وشمال أفريقيا. تعرّف على المزيد على

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eLearn Success Series: Get Your Free Ticket Now

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