How to create an adaptive quiz in Moodle using this Moodle plugin #moodleplugins

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As of 2017, Adaptive Quiz is no longer being updated nor maintained.

Have you ever thought of creating a quiz which will display questions based on the ability of the student to answer? Let’s say if a student answers a question correctly then a more difficult question will be displayed otherwise if she answers incorrectly then an easier question will be displayed next. Let’s see how to create adaptive quizzes in Moodle.
Moodle default quiz engine is one of the most powerful quiz engines available in modern day LMS and it provides the ability to customize the quiz to meet the requirements of all sectors. Now, to create adaptive quizzes we need to install the Adaptive Quiz moodle plugin which is an activity type plugin.
How to create an adaptive quiz in Moodle™ using this Moodle™ plugin #moodlepluginsThe adaptive quiz plugin was created as a collaborative effort between Middlebury College and Remote Learner. Adaptive quiz plugin allows you as teachers to create quizzes which measures the students abilities efficiently. Adaptive tests are comprised of questions selected from the question bank that are tagged with a score of their difficulty.
The adaptive quiz requires the use of both question bank categories and tags, in order to decide the questions that will be displayed during an individual user’s attempt. Tags are used to assign the questions difficulty levels. Then categories of questions can be assigned to the adaptive quiz question pool.
Another good feature with adaptive quizzes is that the number of questions are not predetermined prior to the student. The amount of questions presented will be between a minimum and maximum number of questions set in the activity parameters. After the minimum number of questions have been answered, the quiz will stop when the user’s ability level is determined to the required accuracy or the quiz stops when the maximum number of questions have been answered.

How to download:

You can download the latest version of the Adaptive quiz plugin from the Moodle plugin database here or through the GitHub page of the plugin.
How you have customized the Moodle quiz engine to meet your organizational requirements? Share your experience with us in the comments section below.
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