How to allow the teachers to embed external content easily in Moodle course #Moodletips

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You might have created a great presentation in Prezi or Google Drive and you would like to use the same in your Moodle course but don’t know about embedding content in Moodle course? As a Moodle teacher you might have faced the problem in embedding content created on external websites in your Moodle course? Today I will share the technique through which your teachers can embed the external content by simply pasting the URL of the file.
Existing way to embed any external content in Moodle is like:

  • Find the embed code from the external website and copy the same.
  • Enter in the HTML/code view mode by clicking the <> icon in the Atto toolbar
  • Pasting the embedded content.

How to allow the teachers to embed the external content easily in Moodle™ course #Moodle™tipsDoing all this for every content is a tedious task especially for the teachers who are not tech savvy. So, a better way to allow them to embed external content is by adding the Multi-Embed filter plugin to your Moodle site.
The multi-embed filter plugin facilitates embedding of external content from popular services into Moodle. The teacher has to simply copy and paste the link of the external file/presentation or video and it will be automatically displayed in the Moodle course. At present the filter supports many popular services like:

After installing the plugin on your Moodle, make sure to keep the ‘Convert URLs into links‘ filter enabled and keep it just above the Multi-Embed filter through Site administration > Plugins > Filters > Manage filters. Apart from this you may also need to change the Site administration > Security > Site policies, set ‘Allow EMBED and OBJECT tags‘ to ‘Yes’.
You can also select/deselect the specific services which needs to be taken care by the Multi-Embed filter. You can choose the services through Site Administration > Plugins > Filters > Manage Filters  and click on Settings for the Multi-Embed filter.
Multi-Embed filter plugin is available for Moodle 2.9 version onwards and works like to charm to embed any external content in your Moodle course. The plugin is developed by Frederic Nevers.
I believe that this plugin can be very handy because the teachers face many hurdles in embedding content through the code view. This plugin can make their life easier and encourage them to embed more content from external websites. Have you also faced trouble while embedding external content in your Moodle course? Do share your experience with us in the comments section below.
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