How to create a simple real time poll in your Moodle course for flipped learning #moodle

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Quite often Moodle teachers needs to have a real time poll in their Moodle courses. The real time poll can be used in your Moodle courses to support flipped learning or to catch the attention of wide groups.
Earlier during the MoodleMoot IEUK 2016, Gavin Henrick – Community Projects Manager, Moodle HQ; has presented about using the Moodle Mobile app to view the live choice activity results in real time through REST services. Recently, Christophe Hadorn developed a new plugin “E-Voting” which can be used to allow students to vote through their smart phone or  laptop with results displayed in real time graphs.
As a teacher, you can use it in between the class to grab the attention of your students and improve the interaction among the students. You can add any number of questions with a max of 16 choice’s per question. You can also put a stop time for the voting period from the start of the voting.

How students will vote:

The students can get access to the voting panel from:

  • Scan the QR code through their mobile
  • access with URL above the QR Code
  • Clicking the activity name in the course

reate a simple real time poll in your Moodle™ course for flipped learning #moodleThe plugin has a nice and clear interface and works like a charm. However, the voting screen shows only option number during voting, which, in my opinion should also include the choice text. Apart from that while testing it on my local development server, I was not able to test out the QR code functionality as it was showing the error “malformed ‘create-qr-code’ API request”. For which I had sent a message to the developer. But apart from that the activity is working without any issues and the results gets updated in real-time.
You can download your copy of E-Voting plugin from the Moodle plugins directory here. The plugin is supported for Moodle 3.0 and 3.1 versions. The E-Voting plugin will find its application in classrooms & presentations as it eliminates the need of any special device for voting purpose.
Have you ever required real-time voting in your Moodle course? Which voting devices you are using for the same? Do share your views with us in the comments section below.

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