How to get detailed insights about Moodle Quiz attempts in your course

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Moodle as the name suggests is Modular in nature. It is used for various teaching environments like schools, corporates, universities etc. The most popular and most widely used tool is the Moodle quiz. Moodle quizzes are used to assess the ability of learners through different question types and different modes.
Moodle quiz engine is the most flexible and powerful quiz engine out there. You can customize it  to assess your students in all ways. If you would like to add new question types, then you can find the relevant question type in Moodle plugins directory or develop your own question type and share it with Moodle community.
One of the most interesting aspect of online quizzes is – AnalyticsMoodle HQ team is already working on Project Inspire – the Learning Analytics project. The quiz analytics can yield detailed insights into the quiz attempts by learners. Moodle quiz offers different reports for teachers like:

However, the students will only see the user report without detailed insights.

Introducing Moodle Quiz Analytics Plugin:

DualCube team has released a new Moodle plugin – “Quiz Analytics”. The quiz analytics plugin extends the reporting capability of Moodle quizzes. The user can see different graphs portraying relevant data as follows:

  • Attempt Summary – This graph has the logged in user’s statistics for the last attempt he/she made on that quiz. In case of quizzes allowing single attempt, that attempt is considered the last attempt.
  • My Progress and Predictions – This tab contains several sub-tabs which gives the idea of how the logged in user has fared over time and the hardest question he/she faced. There’s also a tab specifically for quizzes offering multiple attempts to show the logged user a predictive analysis depending on other users’ attempts and best scores.
  • Question Categories’ Analysis – This tab is dedicated to the categories/tags all the questions are associated with. The graphs here in the sub-tabs shows the question distribution among categories and an idea of how challenging the categories proved to be.
  • Scores’ and Questions’ Stats – This tab contains two sub tabs, one showing the number of students in each grade category and the other providing a through analysis of all the questions present in the quiz.

How to get detailed insights about Moodle™ Quiz attempts in your course #Moodle™pluginsAs the Moodle administrator, you can configure the Quiz analytics plugin through Site administration -> Grades -> Report settings -> Quiz Analytics. You can Set Cut Off for all the quizzes of the course, can set Grade Boundary and add Facebook App ID, Facebook API version and Title to share the graph on Facebook.

Share graphs on Facebook:

The plugin has another highly useful feature where the students can directly share the quiz results on Facebook. It can be highly useful as it will introduce the social learning element in your Moodle course. The students will share their score on their Facebook profile and other students will try to compete with them.
The plugin is compatible with Moodle 2.7 version onwards. You can download the latest version from Moodle plugins directory here.
The Quiz Analytics plugin adds the functionality which is most sought after by many teachers. I recommend to check out the plugin once for all Moodle teachers.
What are the other Moodle plugins for generating learning analytics? What is your opinion about the Quiz Analytics Moodle plugin? Do share with us in the comments section below.

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