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In human resource  industry, 360 degree feedback is known as “multi-rater feedback“, “multi-source feedback“,or “multi-source assessment“. The feedback is provided by subordinates, peers, supervisor and self-feedback.

Over the years, Moodle community members have requested for a 360 degree feedback activity in Moodle. The long desired wish is now true with the release of the 360° feedback – developed by Juan Pataleta : Core developer at Moodle HQ.

Adding a 360-degree feedback activity

The new 360 degree feedback activity plugin enables you to run 360 appraisals directly within Moodle. The course participants can give feedback about other participants. You can include the participants in the feedback based on their role like teacher, manager and student.
While setting up the 360 degree feedback activity, you can add 2 different question types – Ratings and Comments. The ratings will be averaged in the overall calculation.

Providing Feedback

Once you are on the course page, click the feedback activity to check the list of all users. Click the pencil icon besides the username to provide the feedback. Once you are done, click the Submit button to anonymize your response and send it.

Viewing Reports

Only the teachers/managers are capable to view the feedback given to any specific user in Moodle course. To view the feedback, click the magnifier icon besides any user to view the feedback for that user. The feedback for Rated questions is averaged out for the user.
I have tested the plugin on my personal Moodle development server and enjoyed it. The plugin works as intended to work without any disruptions. So, if you are one of those who is looking to have a 360 degree feedback into Moodle, this is the right plugin for you.

Are  you going to use this plugin on your Moodle site? What are the other ways to conduct 360 degree feedback in Moodle? Do share with us in the comments section below.

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