How to easily record audio and video right from your browser in Moodle using WebRTC #moodleplugins

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In the last few years the penetration of audio and video content in the field of elearning increased multiple folds. Major reasons behind this penetration are – easy access to record good quality audio/video, improved access to internet and new emerging technologies like WebRTC. Moodle courses are also after the same trend with a lot of multimedia items embedded within the courses.
According to Wikipedia:

WebRTC (“Web Real-Time Communication”) is a collection of communications protocols and application programming interfaces that enable real-time communication over peer-to-peer connections. This enables applications such as video conferencing, file transfer, chat, or desktop sharing without the need of either internal or external plugins.

How to easily record audio and video right from your browser in Moodle™ using WebRTC #moodleplugins

Introducing RecordRTC for Atto & TinyMCE:

Jesus Federico, developed new Moodle plugins for both Atto and TinyMCE editors, which allows you to easily add audio and video annotations to all Moodle text areas. All recording is done instantly in the browser using WebRTC technologies. The plugins adds button for recording audio and video and embed them anywhere in the Moodle text areas. After the recording, the students can preview the recorded audio/video and rerecord if required.
The best thing which I liked the most about RecordRTC plugins is the recording timer. The timer starts once recording started indicating how much time is left to record. This setting is extremely useful to limit the maximum time limit for the recording.
As an administrator, you may need to configure the PHP upload_max_filesize setting to 40M and the post_max_size setting to 50M for a time limit of 2:00 to avoid getting an alert while recording.
Download the RecordRTC plugin for Moodle Atto text editor here and TinyMCE text editor here.
What are the other plugins which you are using for recording audio, video in Moodle? Do share with us in the comments section below.

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