How to register for free Moodle hosting with Gnomio#moodle

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Are you an individual teacher looking for Moodle hosting to create your online learning portal? Getting your first Moodle online learning portal can be a costly affair, especially for teachers who would like to start amidst a tight budget.
Moodle HQ has its own managed Moodle hosting – MoodleCloud which is an awesome way to get started with Moodle. There are many advantages for Moodlecloud like it is managed by Moodle HQ,  it can be scaled up to cater a small school etc. However, it has some negative points like it comes with a limited Moodle plugins set.
There is another superb free Moodle hosting solution – Gnomio, created by a bunch of Moodle fans and not operated by any company. The vision behind Gnomio is to allow the teachers to discover the ultimate open source e-learning tool.

Gnomio Features:

The best thing about Gnomio is that there are no restrictions over the number of users or courses, bandwidth or disk space usage but since it is a free platform, so the resources are limited. It comes with a bigger plugin sets by default as compared to MoodleCloud, however similar to MoodleCloud, you are not allowed to install any theme or plugin by your own. Recently, all the Gnomio sites were upgraded to Moodle 3.3.3 version. 
However similar to MoodleCloud, Gnomio is also supported by advertisement to keep it free. In case you would like to remove the advertisement, you can donate money and upgrade your site.
Here is a video tutorial to create your Moodle site. In case you like it, don’t forget to subscribe and share it.

What are the other free Moodle hosting solutions? Have you ever used Gnomio for teaching online? Do share with us in the comments section below.

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