Moodle Tip – Allow embedding third party content in Moodle course through Multi Embed filter plugin #Moodleplugins

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As a moodle administrator, Do you often get complaints from your teachers about the errors while embedding content from third-party websites? Multi Embed filter is a new Moodle plugin which comes with a magic wand to resolve all such kind of complaints.
The Multi Embed filter plugin developed by Frederic Nevers, is able to convert the URL’s from supported services into embedded content without any user input. It means that your teachers just need to know about copy/paste any URL in Moodle text editor and the filter will do the rest of the magic.
The filter needs the another ‘Convert URLs into links’ filter as a prerequisite and placed above the Multi-Embed filter in the order of processing. However, the plugin pose a security risk as it needs the “Allow EMBED and OBJECT tags” to be checked.
Moodle™ Tip - Allow embedding third party content in Moodle™ course through multi embed filter plugin #Moodle™plugins

Supported Services:

The plugin supports the following services as of now, with the list getting updates regularly:

If you needs some other service to be added to the supported services list, then you can ask Fredric here for the new service to be added. The plugin supports Moodle 2.9 version onwards. You can download your copy of the plugin from Moodle plugins database here.
I really like the idea behind this filter as it provides the option of embedding content easily by non-tech teachers. In my opinion this plugin holds a very good idea especially with the amount of engaging educational multimedia content available to educator. What’s your say about the potential of this plugin? Do share with us in the comments section below.

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