Scaling a Quiz score using Categories and Calculations in Moodle

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Say you have a need to award points for a questions that add up to higher than you’d like the entire quiz to be valued at (giving students a bit of opportunity for extra credit without using a separate activity for extra credit).

  • For example: your exam is worth a total of 50 points
  • Each question on the quiz is worth 11 points
  • There are 5 questions

Hat tip to this forum for pointing me in the right direction:

Within the quiz there is not an easy way to do this (if you see the question value to 11 each and the total to 100) the quiz will automatically calculate questions equally according to the max value. There is a way however to allow students to score an 77, 88, 99 or (if perfect) 100 (reduced from 110 possible points) and that’s through a category calculation.

Here’s how:

  1. create your quiz
  2. assign question values to each question as you normally would
  3. ensure that the quiz value is equal to the sum of question values (higher than the end value of the quiz)
  4. in your gradebook add a category and assign the quiz to that category
  5. for the calculation, assign the quiz a value first, then add this calculation for the category* “=min(the score we want as a max, [[quiz id set in Moodle]])”

This will allow you to have a max grade for this quiz as a gradebook entry without scaling student grades down by default. In the example screen shots the value at the quiz level is 55 but we want the max score to be 50. Read more about category calculations in the gradebook here:

*I used “highest grade” as the category grade roll up which worked in this scenario. Others may not.


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