How to sell your Moodle courses with WordPress frontend using Edwiser Bridge plugin #moodle

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Have you ever thought of selling your Moodle courses from your WordPress frontend? Many organizations use WordPress as their frontend website CMS which is clear from the fact a total of 27% websites are powered by WordPress. Moodle being the most popular and most powerful open source LMS when used along with WordPress as a frontend can be very effective combination.
Recently, one of my friend asked me how he can sell his Moodle courses through his WordPress frontend website? He was already running a well settled front end WordPress website with WooCommerce integration. He used to manually enroll the students once the payment is confirmed one by one in the corresponding courses.  It is really a tedious process for himself and the students also as:

  • His students couldn’t get immediate access to the course.
  • He had to manually enroll every student.
  • Because he had to manually enroll every student, it was prone to errors

I suggested him about the Edwiser bridge plugin which can be used to seamlessly integrate Moodle site with WordPress site along with the WooCommerce Integration and Single Sign on extensions. Edwiser Bridge is an all-in-one e-commerce, marketing, social networking platform for Moodle.
How to sell your Moodle™ courses with WordPress frontend using Edwiser Bridge plugin #moodle
The Edwiser Bridge plugin is available for free of cost here and you need to install it on your WordPress site. The best thing about the Edwiser bridge plugin is the simplest connection method between WordPress and Moodle. All you need is the access tokens from Moodle and put them in the respective fields to set up a connection between WordPress and Moodle.
EdWiser Bridge helps him in enrolling students automatically in their purchased courses. Woo-commerce integration allowed him to still use all the capabilities of WooCommerce and Single sign on saved him the task of sending each student their Moodle logins.

Edwiser Bridge Extensions:

You can further extend the functionality of Edwiser bridge plugin by opting for the other Edwiser extensions. Currently available extension plugins includes:

  1. WooCommerce Integration
  2. Single Sign on
  3. Edwiser RemUI theme
  4. Selective Synchronization
  5. Bulk Purchase

Check out all the available extensions for Edwiser Bridge plugin here.
Now after implementing this solution, the students can use the WordPress credentials to login to Moodle courses. He can also use his time saved from less support queries and manually enrolling users in making other productive courses.
How you are selling your Moodle courses? What are the other ways to sell Moodle courses on WordPress frontend? Do share with us in the comments section  below.

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