Video – How to create a survey in Google Forms and embed in Moodle course #MoodleTips

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Google forms are a great way to create and analyze survey’s for free of cost and are used by all industries all over the world. Here is a short and crisp video showing how to create a sample survey in Google drive and embedding it in Moodle course for your students. You can check it out through this direct link also.
Embedding surveys created in google forms in Moodle™ site
You can use google forms to create surveys which can be filled by your students to analyze the data about your Moodle course and their feedback about your course. If you are looking for capturing data from unregistered users or collect information from guest users then this might be a great way to integrate Google forms in your Moodle site.

What are the other ways to collect information from non-registered users in Moodle? What are the other google tools you are using in your Moodle course? Do let us know in the comments below.

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