3 students selected for GSOC-2015 by Moodlers

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Moodle has selected three students during the Google Summer of Code 2015 for mentorship who will be working on Moodle projects over the next 3-4 months.
Congrats to Harindu Korala, Ramindu Deshapriya and Mihir Thakkar, who will be working on the projects in order to advance the most popular LMS.
The projects assigned to them are selected from the list of projects for new developers are:

  • Ramindu DeshapriyaMentor – Dan Marsden – Moorsp Plagiarism Plugin – a basic plugin that could be used for testing the Plagiarism API and provides a structure that can be built on in future to add further functionality.
  • Harindu KoralaMentor – Juan Leyva -Javascript basic SCORM 1.2 player for mobile – The aim of this project is to fix and package inside an Angular module one of those players to be included in the official Moodle Mobile app.
  • Mihir Thakkar – Mentor -Marina Glancy (Moodle HQ) – enrol_meta plugin improvements – The proposal is to re-write this enrolment plugin completely. One instance of the plugin should allow to link multiple child courses and additionally synchronise each of them with a group in the meta course. This project requires development of both user interface (JS) and backend (PHP).



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