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Today I stumbled upon a blog post on E-Learning industry about “5 Reasons To Look For Moodle Alternatives” which are mentioned by the author – Ridvan Aliu. In the post, he mentioned his own experience with Moodle and provided 5 reasons to migrate to other commercial  systems like EDUonGo.
Being a strong supporter of Moodle, the points mentioned by Ridvan are not agreeable to me, so I thought to clarify as per my level of understanding with Moodle – Why you shouldn’t look for Moodle alternatives and prefer Moodle over others:

  • Point -1 : I had to hire Moodle developers.
    • My Reply – If you want to use Moodle for free without dealing with any technical issues then the first place to start with is the free moodle hosting solution provided by Moodle HQ i.e. MoodleCloud and others like Gnomio. By using MoodleCloud or Gnomio, you can start preparing your first course on your Moodle site in as soon as 5 minutes.
  • Point -2: Customization is limited

    • My Reply – I believe that you hadn’t come across the most popular Moodle themes like Pioneer, Essential, Shoelace, EGuru which are responsive and allows you to change the default Moodle layout as desired. For example, check out this Moodle site to see how much customizable Moodle is.
  • Point -3: It cost me time and money.
    • My Reply – The other system what you have suggested also costs you money based on Revenue sharing model or the other way around.
  • Point -4: It lacks scalability.
    • My Reply – Moodle can be used in a multiple server environment as used by the Open Unversity to accommodate as many users as desired. Moodle is used in Cloud by many services like MoodleCloud, keytoSchool, Gnomio etc. and it can be optimized to use minimum server resources.
  • Point -5: Security updates often break the system.
    • My Reply – If you are following the Upgrading guide, then there are very rare chances of you breaking your system. All you need to ensure is that the plugins you are using on your Moodle site are compatible with the version you are upgrading your Moodle site to.

5 Reasons not to look for Moodle alternatives @elearnindustry #MoodleApart from these, there are lots of advantages of using Moodle as your preferred Learning Management system (LMS). Few of the advantages are:

  • Truly Open source – Moodle is free to use for everyone and you needn’t pay even a single  penny for using Moodle on your servers.
  • Sound Educational Philosophy – While tool-centric LMSs give you a list of tools as the interface, Moodle builds the tools  into an interface that makes the learning task central.
  • Proven and trusted worldwide – Powering more than 70k websites all over the world, Moodle  is trusted by institutions and organisations large and small, including Shell, London School of Economics, State University of New York, Microsoft and the Open University.
  • Designed to support both teaching and learning – With over 10 years of development guided by social constructionist pedagogy, Moodle delivers a powerful set of learner-centric tools and collaborative learning environments that empower both teaching and learning.
  • Easy to use – A simple interface, drag-and-drop features, and well-documented resources along with ongoing usability improvements make Moodle easy to learn and use.
  • Always up-to-date – The Moodle project’s open-source approach means that Moodle is continually being reviewed and improved on to suit the current and evolving needs of its users.
  • Community Support –  Moodle has the biggest community of developers, teachers, and  designers working all around the globe for making improvements to the product named Moodl.e
  • Great documentation and forum support – One of the basic things missing in most of the other open source LMS’s is the lack of appropriate documentation whereas Moodle is the winner in terms of  the documentation also. You will find tones of documents on each and every topic related  to Moodle and if by chance you are not able to find any relevant topic then you can ask  the community members to help you out through Moodle forums.
  • Highly flexible and fully customisable – Because it is open-source, Moodle can be customised in any way and tailored to individual needs. Its modular setup and interoperable design allows developers to create plugins and integrate external applications to achieve specific functionalities.
  • Language Options: Moodle is available in all of the popular languages so that you can  teach students in your own language. Even you can also contribute to translate the Moodle  into your own language. As on date Moodle has been translated  into 126 languages* for Moodle 3.1 Version.
  • International standards compliant -Moodle has achieved and is compliant with the following international standards:
    • Open Source Initiative (OSI)
    • IMS LTI™ Certified
    • SCORM-ADL compliant
    • Open Badges
  • Interoperability – In supporting the seamless integration and use of content from different sources and multiple vendors, the Moodle platform is designed to exchange data using open industry standards for Web deployments, and supports.

Hope these are enough reasons to choose Moodle over all other paid LMS’s as your preferred solution. Please post your views in the comments below.

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