A Brainstormed Moodle Wishlist. MoodleMoot Australia 2017

A Brainstormed Moodle Wishlist. MoodleMoot Australia 2017

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When it comes to our “Moodle Wishlist” for MoodleMoot Australia 2017, 22 features made the cut and were voted in by the MoodleMoot audience, as well as a few insiders at home who got a link to the live document early (including our LWMN listeners).

So what do we want? Here’s the list (number of votes in parentheses):

Source Lesson questions from the Question bank (87): A fairly obvious request, this would allow the Lesson Activity to be built with the same questions from the Quiz question bank.

“Course Wizard” for new course creation (55): In a behavior that could adopt the layout and functionality of User Tours, this would make it simple for teachers to create courses, especially Moodle newcomers.

Control all dates in a course at once (53): Implement a tool similar to the ages old Dates plugin to view and edit dates. The new Calendar coming on Moodle 3.4 might move things forward in this direction.

Template/components available from the editor (47): An interesting functionality would help bring different activities and resources into one page, but this is something that is already possible thanks to Moodle Filters. (Admittedly, not every activity is available as a text filter.)

De-clunk workshop (33): A request that could go in any number of ways, perhaps deserving of the hands of a capable project developer and cycle manager who is also member of the Moodle Users Association?

Visual lesson interface (33)

Extend gradebook API to allow more flexible grading schemas (28): The Gradebook is pretty versatile as it is, but an advanced grading settings plugin could benefit from a better Application Programming Interface.

Simplify settings (27): Another common request. In fact, the most popular request from the last time a live doc was set up suggested a “simple” and an “advanced” mode for the settings pages. Another option is the ability to import and export settings between Moodle sites.

Bring back the Journal activity (26): Removed from the core back in Moodle 2.0, the Journal offered a quick way to request and grade short writing tasks.

Make badge criteria fully-fledged plugins (23)

Make marking forms flexible and usable (21): While Moodle Rubrics are a powerful tool for grading, some of their functionality could use some reworking, particularly the ability to edit, copy, and share rubrics, as well as integration with Competencies.

Group and user overrides on due dates per activity (20)

Metacourses inherit groups (20): Today known as Course Meta Link, the functionality allows automatic enrollment of students from one course to another.

AI chatbot assistant (17): We might not have to look too far for a Moodle Chatbot!

The rest of the requests are as follows:

  • Course transcript – course overview for students (17)
  • Improve forums a lot (15)
  • Message/Chat interface floating on page (15)
  • Allow PDF annotation to be switched off (14)
  • Student created activities (10)
  • Due dates on forums (7)
  • Verifiable signed certificates from Moodle courses (5)
  • History of changes to grade weightings (5)

Read the live document “MoodleMoot Australia 2017 Wishlist” here.

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