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It is the 1st of April.  Where would we be without the fooling?  Here’s a quick collection from the pranks around the Moodlosphere.

Text upside down/incomprehensible at

Moodle Server Obesity by Sukhwant Lota (, a quick excerpt:

Scientists at Leeds City College have found out in an unusual way that the more users logged onto the College VLE Moodle, the more the Moodle server actually weighed.

Moodle and it’s community have a long standing tradition of April 1st hijinx, check out this news post from 2006 where Martin announced a new big plan:

Some big news!

After many requests from our users, and many discussions among the key Moodle developers, we’ve decided that PHP no longer offers us the growth path we would like, and so we’ll be converting the entire code base to use the Microsoft® .NET platform.

We believe this offers the best solution to drive business value and empower our industry to harness the power of the connected workplace.

The conversion – sponsored by Microsoft® – is not easy, but we expect to have the job completed by April 1st, 2007. As part of the arrangement, we’ll no longer be supporting Moodle on anything but Microsoft® servers, but they are very good so this shouldn’t be a problem.

To the future!

Haha!  (

On that note, no other coverage today will be anything fooling or in jest.

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