Back to School 2013: 10 tips, tricks and resources to ready your classroom

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In the past I’ve done a week-long collection of posts to help teachers prepare for the upcoming school year. Knowing that we’re all strapped for time here’s a collection of 10 tips, tricks and resources that might help you get ready.

  1. Get your #LearnMoodle on [course]: the MOOC starts 9/1. Are you signed up? Grab a friend and join the 1000s already registered.
  2. Reset your course [video]: the reset feature of Moodle will allow you to refresh your course of user data and grades without removing any of the activities and resources you’ve painstakingly added in the past.
  3. Get acquainted with Moodle 2.5 [post]: Moodle’s latest release is full of awesomeness.
  4. Learn how to do pretty much anything with these tutorials [videos]: there are so many awesome Moodle videos, basically every aspect you’ll use in the coming year has been documented in an easy to view video.
  5. Don’t start from scratch [post]: OER and course cartridges abound, whether from the site formerly known as the MOOCH ( or Moodleshare (or elsewhere) there are a lot of ways you can start building on top of an existing set of course content. Get a head start.
  6. Attend a MOOT! [calendar]: there are lots of ways to learn about Moodle, but my favorite is learning from practitioners and talking shop at a Moot. If you’ve never been make it your goal to attend one this year.
  7. Join the community []: from voting up issues in the tracker, contributing to the docs, or engaging Moodlers in the forum, is the best place to go for all Moodle-related stuff.
  8. Extend your site [category]: Moodle has loads of 3rd party addons that can be used to extend your site in various ways.
  9. Go Mobile [collection]: there are a few ways to make your Moodle classroom or site a little more Mobile-friendly. Checkout our past reviews of Moodle Mobile and get up to speed on the official Mobile apps from Moodle
  10. Look to the future [docs]: the school year is just starting, but Moodle 2.6 comes out this holiday season. Have you checked out what’s coming?

Not enough? Check our back issues for all there from our annual Back to School series.

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