Blackboard Inc. itself is now a Moodle Partner!! #Blackboard #MoodlePartners

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Blackboard Inc., the biggest educational technology giant in education sector, has joined hands with Moodle Pty to become the Moodle Partner and expand Moodle services to all Blackboard Inc. clients.
In a recent announcement on Blackboard Blog, Phil Miller – the International Vice President of Open Source Services for Blackboard; posted about the partnership of Blackboard with Moodle.
Now, Blackboard itself along with its individual Moodle companies (Moodlerooms, NetSpot, Nivel 7, and Remote Learner UK) is an official Moodle Partner thereby expanding its Moodle services to clients in more than 40 countries and align with Moodle’s strategy in the region.

“Today’s announcement is a great testimony to Blackboard’s continued commitment to Moodle,” said Phill Miller, vice president of Blackboard’s Open Solutions for Moodle product line. “We are really thrilled to continue our partnership with Moodle, and we will continue to provide new resources, extended support and a single dedicated team that will benefit not just Moodlerooms’ customers around the world, but also the wider Moodle community.”
“We’re pleased to have an ongoing relationship with a global company like Blackboard,” said Martin Dougiamas, Founder and CEO of Moodle Pty Ltd. “Together with all the Moodle Partners and the rest of the Moodle community, including the newly-launched Moodle Users Association, we will further strengthen Moodle as an extensible open source learning platform and a powerful solution for education providers worldwide.”

Blackboard Inc. is the latest Moodle Partner
Blackboard Inc. is the latest Moodle Partner

See the full press release here –
We are very happy to see Moodle grow considerably in the past 18 months and excited about the partnership between Moodle and Blackboard.
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