Blackboard UK acquires Remote-Learner UK subsidiary

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In a recent news, Remote Learner has sold its UK subsidiary to Blackboard UK to expand the blackboard’s UK market penetration.
Blackboard has now become one of the largest LMS and educational service provider worldwide and one of the largest Moodle Partner as well.
According to the Remote Leaner blog:

Later today, Remote-Learner will publicly announce the sale of our UK subsidiary to Blackboard UK. While this may be a surprising move to some observers, I see this as only positive for Remote-Learner, our clients and the Moodle community.
The LMS industry is a dynamic, exciting and sometimes frustrating place. New competitors constantly emerge, new technologies promise exciting new capabilities and patterns of adoption and usage continually evolve. The continued market evolution requires laser focus and rapid adjustments of strategy. The sale of our UK subsidiary will allow us to focus on the unique requirements and market conditions in North America and provide you with improved products and services.
Blackboard’s acquisition of our UK operation will also help strengthen the Moodle project. Blackboard supports Moodle both through direct financial contributions and with development of open source plugins and code to further the capabilities of Moodle, just as Remote-Learner does. They are dedicated to expanding Moodle’s presence internationally and can use the UK acquisition as a platform to continue to grow Moodle’s impact on teaching and learning.
Remote-Learner’s commitment to the success of Moodle and to providing you the best possible support and services remains unchanged. Remote-Learner remains the leading independent provider of Moodle-based LMS solutions in North America through our US and Canadian companies. We will be making some additional announcements in the coming weeks outlining some of the changes and improvements that the sale of our UK subsidiary enables for our clients serviced by our North American teams.

Read the complete news here:

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