CanvasNews! Dan Goldsmith Edition: Who Is The New Man In Front?

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After a brief trial period disguised as a Board President stint, Dan Goldsmith was finally promoted to the top suite. He replaces Josh Coates, who decided to move on after an 8-year tenure. The leadership differences are subtle, and seem intentionally so. Instructure has achieved acceptable rates of success with a marketing-heavy strategy in North America, which is slowly but surely spilling over Europe and Latin America, for starters.

To try and dig into the differences would result in little variation regarding to the general strategy, but more notable differences in the team building approaches. Goldsmith has branded himself as a team and people person. quotes him,

«I have a habit of when hiring, promoting, and building teams, focusing on attitude and aptitude over experience. People who are smart and motivated are far more effective and impactful than someone who has been doing the same job for 10 years and is complacent. This approach is a win all around–for the company, the team and the employee

Goldsmith started sharpening his business sagacity as a consultant for Accenture, PwC and IBM, achieving Partner status in the last two after relatively short time. He would jump straight to high management or board member roles, starting on digital innovation company LiquidHub, then Veeva Systems. On the last one, he is considered a key player in the company’s path to profitability, Instructure’s most impending challenge today.

Instructure’s is Goldsmith’s first CEO position. It might not be the largest company whose leadership team he’s joined, but it is arguable the one with the most international profile. He will assume duties January 1, 2019.

Canvas’s global dominance in the LMS market is Goldsmith’s to grab.

Read the press release, “Instructure Inc.: Instructure Announces CEO Transition.”

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