Check Out Moodle 3.5 “Early Bird” and “QA Testing Credits” Awards

Check Out Moodle 3.5 “Early Bird” and “QA Testing Credits” Recognitions

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Another successful launch, corks popped, and plenty of people worthy of recognition this week after the release of Moodle 3.5, a bold continuation of Moodle HQ’s “usability period.” Check out the plugins and testers that played their part in furthering Moodle’s vision for another six months.

Plugins that earned the Moodle 3.5 ‘Early Bird’ Badge

Against all odds, Moodle 3.5 continued the record-breaking tradition of previous releases. A total of 185 plugins were deemed worthy of the recognition. There is, however, a small but real chance that some of them get rescinded, if insufficient manual testing failed to prevent eventual compatibility bugs.

  1. Feedback PoodLL
  2. Solution sheet
  3. Online PoodLL submissions
  4. Cloze editor
  5. Corrections
  6. Full screen
  7. Generico Atto Icon
  8. Mathslate for Atto
  9. More background colours
  10. More font colours
  11. Planet eStream ATTO Text Editor Plugin
  12. PoodLL Anywhere(Atto)
  13. Toggle preview
  14. Sketch
  15. Snippet (Atto)
  16. MathType for Atto by WIRIS
  17. Microsoft Word File Import (Atto)
  18. Anti-hammering / Login blocker
  19. Auth Development tools
  20. SAML2 SSO Auth
  21. User key authentication
  22. Restriction by course completion
  23. Restriction by language
  24. Stash availability
  25. Level up! Availability
  26. Admin presets
  27. Advanced Notifications
  28. Attendance
  29. Checklist
  30. Coupon
  31. Course Contacts Block
  32. Course contents
  33. Course Module navigation
  34. Custom Course Menu
  35. Groups and Groupings
  36. Links
  37. My Courses
  38. Mootivated/Motrain block
  39. Navigation buttons
  40. Lesson objectives
  41. QR code
  42. Remote courses block
  43. Stash
  44. Level up!
  45. Microsoft Word File Import/Export (Book)
  46. Persian calendar
  47. Japanese Calendar
  48. PoodLL Database Field
  49. Markdown dataformat
  50. Marklar
  51. Enrolment upon approval
  52. Enrol by user profile fields
  53. Auto enrolment
  54. AutoEnrol
  55. Course completed enrolment
  56. Easy Enrollments
  57. Cohort members to group
  58. Level up! Enrolment
  59. Book chapter auto-linking
  60. CodePen
  61. FilterCodes
  62. Generico Filter
  63. GeSHi
  64. Multi-Embed Filter
  65. oEmbed Filter
  66. PoodLL Filter
  67. Section names auto-linking
  68. Shortcodes
  69. Video Easy Filter
  70. MathType filter by WIRIS
  71. eTask topics format
  72. Masonry Topics format
  73. Weekly format reversed
  74. Checklist
  75. Grade distribution
  76. Quiz Analytics
  77. Moodle Adminer
  78. Checkmark report
  79. Contact Form
  80. Course Merge Helper
  81. Use template on course creation
  82. Download Center
  83. Feedback viewer
  84. Download instructor files
  85. IntelliBoard – Your data. Right here. Right now.
  86. LDAP syncing scripts
  87. Mail
  88. Moodle eMail Test
  89. Meta-course synchronization to groups
  90. Moodle Mobile additional features
  91. Mootivated/Motrain – Mobile Gamification
  92. Custom Navigation
  93. Course recompletion
  94. Remote backup provider
  95. Twitter card
  96. UpgradeDB
  97. Wiris Quizzes
  98. Accredible Certificates and Badges
  99. Attendance
  100. BigBlueButtonBN
  101. Checklist
  102. Group choice
  103. Custom certificate
  104. Course description label
  105. Flash Card Set
  106. Group formation
  107. Group Members
  108. HotPot
  109. Hot Question
  110. Lightbox Gallery
  111. Moodleoverflow
  112. MooTyper
  113. Pcast
  114. Question Creation Activity
  115. Questionnaire
  116. Quizventure
  117. Fair Allocation
  118. Reader
  119. Realtime Quiz
  120. Reengagement
  121. Reservation
  122. Scheduler
  123. TaskChain
  124. URKUND plagiarism plugin
  125. Timestamp input
  126. Adaptive adapted for coderunner
  127. Adaptive mode (all or nothing)
  128. Deferred feedback (all or nothing)
  129. Deferred feedback with explanation
  130. RegExp Adaptive mode with Help
  131. RegExp Adaptive mode with Help (no penalties)
  132. Moodle glossary entries
  133. HotPot question import for Moodle 2.x
  134. Microsoft Word File Import/Export (Question Format)
  135. CodeRunner
  136. Wiris Quizzes Essay question type
  137. Gapfill
  138. Wiris Quizzes Matching question type
  139. Matrix question
  140. Wiris Quizzes Embedded answer (Cloze) question type
  141. Wiris Quizzes Multi Choice question type
  142. Multinumerical
  143. Ordering
  144. Pattern match
  145. PoodLL Recording
  146. Regular expression short answer
  147. Wiris Quizzes Short-Answer question type
  148. Wiris Quizzes – True/False question type
  149. Word Select
  150. Wiris Quizzes Commons question type
  151. CBM Grade Summary
  152. Edit quiz settings
  153. Manual grading by student
  154. Acknowledge plagiarism statement access rule
  155. Course size
  156. Ad-hoc database queries
  157. Roster
  158. Site Outcomes report
  159. Evernote
  160. ownCloud
  161. Personal YouTube
  162. PoodLL Repository
  163. Amazon S3 bucket
  164. Postgres Full Text Search
  165. Adaptable
  166. Fordson
  167. Handlebar
  168. Joomdle Bootstrap
  169. Moove
  170. Training
  171. waxed
  172. Cloze Editor
  173. Planet eStream TinyMCE Text Editor Plugin
  174. PoodLL Anywhere(TinyMCE)
  175. Sketch
  176. Skim Import
  177. MathType for TinyMCE by WIRIS
  178. Course Archiver
  179. Set course dates
  180. Delete courses
  181. Edit roles by capability
  182. Hide courses
  183. Merge user accounts
  184. MoodleBox
  185. User Restore
  186. User Suspension
  187. moosh

People who helped Moodle 3.5 achieve the passing rate

Another surprising result was the achievement of a 99% passing rate of Moodle 3.5 one day before its launch. Credit is due to the volunteer efforts of the following 64 committed Moodlers who completed 603 tests in less than three weeks. Don’t see your name etched for posterity on the Moodle Docs? Stay tuned for Moodle 3.6 QA around mid-November!

Adrian Greeve
Alejandro Vásquez
Al Rachels
Anna Carissa Sadia
Avi Levy
Bente Olsen
Bernd Martin
Carlos Escobedo
Chen Levy
Chris Baldwin
Clement Prudhomme
Dag Klimas
Darwin Gonzalez
David Monllaó
David Mudrák
Dominique-Alain Jan
Ed Beck
Elizabeth Dalton
Eloy Lafuente
Eric Yullu
Farhan Karmali
Fernando Acedo
Gemma Lesterhuis
German Valero
Haim Lavi
Helen Foster
James Cleary
Jasmin Klindzic
Jean-Marc Doucet
Jean-Roch Meurisse
John Beedell
Kahraman Bulut
Katarzyna Karolczuk
Kevin Wiliarty
Khushbu Verma
Lance Roe
Lisa Caines
Luiggi Sansonetti
Mary Cooch
Meir Ifrach
Michael Hawkins
Michael Spall
Mihail Geshoski
Nadav Kavalerchik
Nicolas Martignoni
Pankaj Somani
Priya Nagar
Richard Jones
Richard Oelmann
Rishi Anand
Ryan Wyllie
S. Kavita
Sara Arjona
Sean Marx
Shamim Rezaie
Simey Lameze
Slawomir Grefling
Stephen Bourget
Steven Peters
Tomasz Szkutnik
Tõnis Tartes
Víctor Déniz Falcón
Zied Alaya
Ziyad Muslat

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