Check Out The Multi-Tenancy Implementation Of Moodle By This Moodle Partner

Check Out The Multi-Tenancy Implementation Of Moodle By This Moodle Partner

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To illustrate Multi-Tenancy, imagine you have a big, empty warehouse. It is so large and inviting that having only one party at a time would not do justice. So you split it into smaller spaces, still comfortable for each group and with access to all your warehouse utilities. If you want, you can set it up in a way that each “tenant” does not have to know they are not unique to you.

The bad news is that you will not be able to materialize your vision in Moodle. The Learning Management System offers no Multi-Tenancy support, at least not out of the box.

This has been a problem for learning solutions vendors who want to use Moodle to build one platform that supports many institutional instances of the LMS. At least until now.

Scottish Moodle Partner E-Learn Design is announcing IOMAD, its Moodle customization catered to “layered learning organizations”. A hierarchical system extends the roles and levels available in the Moodle Core. This allows managers to grant full control for a limited set of users to lower levels down the org chart.

Groups can share courses and contents while having a branded theme of themselves. Capabilities can be specially defined for each group.

To provide Multi-Tenancy, IOMAD is expanding on Moodle by-design modularity. Other features included in IOMAD are e-commerce, licensing and simplified dashboards and interfaces.

As an Official Moodle partner, E-Learn Design offers full-cycle implementation services and solutions. 10% of their revenue finances Moodle HQ’s foundational activities. Like Moodle and as an Open Source technology, IOMAD is available for free download.

Download Moodle + IOMAD from GitHub.

Access an IOMAD demo site here. (It is recommended to read these instructions first.)

Would IOMAD improve your Moodle delivery? Share your thoughts in the comments.


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