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The “free thought” content platform is back.

OpenLMS is leading the re-launch of E-Learn Magazine, a publication that fostered a community of thoughtful debate, perspectives and actionable tips for the LMS community. Only this time, the effort is bolder.

120 articles in English and Spanish reflecting global perspectives in the form of “op-eds, interviews, infographics, and customer snapshots,” resulting from a careful look at common concerns and general topics of interest. The current COVID-19 pandemic and their ongoing global effects on elearning are imminent. Beyond that, issues of engagement, integrity, learning analytics and student-centered learning will continue to be critical issues for educators, and the basis for ongoing coverage and debate to be found at e-learn.

For Phill Miller, Managing Director of OpenLMS, the launch calls for a celebration. But the magazine itself is a celebration itself. A recognition to thoughtful and hard-working people in the space. He shared some thoughts on his blog:

«We work in an industry where millions of teachers, trainers, professors, and lecturers work tirelessly to help our children thrive and our societies evolve. But no one is making commercials about them, and they don’t receive sponsorship dollars or see their name in lights. In some small way, we want to change that. Not just to celebrate what academic technologists are doing because it’s great on its own, but because we believe that telling these stories will inspire others to do the same thing, and creating a community around eLearning will help everyone do it better.» — Phill Miller, OpenLMS

On this issue:

E-Learn magazine will be completely free, with new articles coming up quarterly.

  • How to Enhance Academic Integrity with E-Proctoring Tools
    With the rise of online it’s no surprise that institutions everywhere are looking for the right online evaluation tools to effectively maintain and promote academic integrity. Thankfully, evolving technology now offers different alternatives and levels of security that will make it a lot easier for institutions to keep learning practices honest and to promote effective learning methodologies and assessments.
  • 9 Important Things We’ve Learned About Distance Learning in Lockdown
    We can all agree that this year has been unlike any other. Adjusting to new ways of living and working has been challenging, and the corporate digital learning arena has been no different. See what LEO Learning, a leading digital learning provider for organizations, has learned about distance learning during lockdown, including how to design for virtual learners, how to effectively collaborate online, how to engage learners and much more.
  • 5 Global Perspectives on the Future of Digital Learning
    COVID-19 has forced academic institutions globally to change the way they teach and assess students, and E-Learn had the opportunity to chat with 5 education professionals from diverse institutions to learn their insights and best practices acquired during the pandemic.
  • 5 Trends Transforming Education in the COVID-19 Era
    The global health crisis has brought about deep changes in the way we live, work, and interact. While it’s difficult to estimate the exact impact on education and how educators will adjust going forward (in-person, blended, or remote learning modalities), there are 5 clear trends we’ve noticed that will help strengthen your teaching and learning ecosystems going forward.

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