Connect Moodle To Your Student Information System With Lingk’s ‘Connector’

Connect Moodle To Your Student Information System With Lingk's 'Connector'
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According to a recent press release, LingkSync, a “lifecycle data synchronization” service, is now able to connect Moodle with the commercial Student Information System (SIS) Colleague.

Large education institutions often use Moodle or another LMS to deliver content, track performance, record grades, and track academic history. They also use SIS for administrative management tasks related to areas like admissions or support services. Some education institutions also use outbound communication and marketing platforms, such as CRM. Streamlining the process of data synchronization among systems is the main role of tools like LingkSync.

Lingk, the company behind LingkSync, is joining forces with Remote-Learner, a provider of Moodle services including cloud LMS, e-commerce, and training. This partnership mirrors similar initiatives announced in the past by other Moodle partners.

Strictly speaking, a “connector” between SIS and Moodle or another LMS is not necessary as long as both systems have what is called “externally facing APIs,” which developers can use to bridge systems in a continuous flow of information. In the case of Moodle, the externally facing APIs allow for real-time information transfer. But the connectors can add additional value, as is the case with LingkSync, which comes with a monitoring dashboard, analytics, and a marketplace with premium features.

Lingk’s connector is currently available for Colleague, the SIS product by EdTech company Ellucian. Read more and request a demo here (pricing not available).

The full press release is available here.

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