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coolcourseHelen Foster, Moodler at Moodle HQ is leading an initiative to deem the coolest Moodle course in all the land.  The “Cool Course Competition” began in October and will finish in January 2010 (after a 1 month extension) asks that Moodle course designers submit their courses (in any language) to be judged for a prize and claim to having the “coolest Moodle course”.

Since commencing, The Cool Course Competition has attracted nearly two dozen submissions in seven languages (!).

The competition officially ends 1/19/10 and the prize will include merchandise from Moodle’s official Cafepress shop (

Contest Rules:

  1. The Cool Course Competition is open to all Moodlers except for employees.
  2. You may enter as many courses in the competition as you wish.
  3. You may enter your course in one competition category only. Categories are as follows:
    • Best application of Moodle activities
    • Best use of media
    • Primary (ages 6-12)
    • Secondary (ages 12-18)
    • Tertiary (ages 18+)
  4. Your course may be in any language.
  5. Your course must include at least 3 different types of activity e.g. a forum, a quiz and a wiki
  6. Your course may not include user data. (Ideally courses would be judged with user data, though unfortunately this is not feasible, as each course participant would need to give permission for their activity to be published.)
  7. Your course may not use contributed modules or blocks. Only modules and blocks included in standard Moodle packages may be used.
  8. The maximum size for a course backup zip file is 32MB.
  9. All course content must be either open source or or available under one of the Creative Commons licenses.
  10. You must have the authority to publish the course under one of the Creative Commons licenses i.e. you have created the course yourself or you have permission from the course creator.
  11. Real courses currently available on may also be entered in the competition.
  12. By entering a course in the competition, you agree for your course to be hosted on and available for others to download.
  13. reserves the right to amend the competition and the competition rules if necessary.

To enter your course visit

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