Design change – Mixing Moodle lesson with HTML5 animations

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In a recent news, Lewis Carr (CEO & Founder of AdaptiVLE Ltd) has posted their experiments with Moodle lesson activity and HTML5 animations on their blog.
Acc. to  the original post:

For the past few weeks we have been working on some new Moodle designs and looking at ways in which we can apply some chrome to Moodle. We’ve even been playing with CSS animations on the lesson module so buttons slide in, and text boxes grow and appear like they have come straight out of Articulte Storlyine.
Moodle is a powerhouse of an LMS.  In the debate over content vs chrome, content wins with Moodle everytime. Many of the newer lightweight LMS platforms offer a fraction of the functionality and are chrome heavy and content/feature light.
So when you mix chrome into Moodle, you get the best of both breeds.  And you have some very shiny happy Moodlers.

I found it to be an amazing experiment from the user experience point of view, hope it will be implemented soon in the Moodle core.
Please note that MoodleWorld is not related to AdaptiVLE by any means.

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