Do computers in schools help students learn? Share your views

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In a recent forum thread on forums, Michael de Raadt the Research Director at Moodle HQ has posted about the OECD report on Students, Computers and Learners. Its a report about computer use in schools and results in standardised tests for reading, mathematics and science.

The report gives some interesting findings.

  • Computers were more common in schools and homes in 2012 than in 2009.
  • Results for countries where computers are more common in schools were not improved (and in some cases declined).
  • Countries with the best results do not have the most computers (although still above OECD average).
  • Students need good skills, particularly in reading, to discern useful information available online.
  • Excessive time online outside school can be harmful to young people.

However the results are based on the data taken in 2012 but still it seems to be valid.
What’s your view about the report? What aspects can we research further? What can we take from this and improve in teaching practices?
Share your thoughts in the original forum thread here:

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