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By the Edwiser Team

The best communication happens when it’s two-way.

Moodle offers instructors and teachers the ability to receive and manage users comments, complaints and requests through the feedback activity. Course creators can also carry out surveys for further analysis and improved execution.

However, creating personalized forms in Moodle for various other purposes wasn’t possible. Until now.

Edwiser, a Moodle Development Team from India, has come up with a revolutionary offering: Edwiser Forms. With this plugin, you can now create advanced forms in Moodle, ranging from contact forms to purchase inquiry forms.

Few of the standout features of Edwiser Formsare:

  • File Uploads. Edwiser Forms lets your end users attach and upload files to your form. This way, your forms can become a lot more versatile.
  • Drag & Drop Functionality. You can drag-and-drop functionality.
  • Mobile Responsive. You can build forms straight from your mobile phone, and your end users can access these forms on their phones.
  • Instant Notification Alerts.With Instant Notification Alerts, you’ll never miss out on any entry! You can also set the notifications as per your preference.
  • Translation Ready. No more worrying about language barriers. Edwiser Forms comes as a Translation Ready Form Builder Plugin.
  • Multi-page forms. Edwiser Forms lets you create Multi-page forms, quick and easy!
  • Easy to Embed. You can embed your form anywhere you like on your Moodle website. All you have to do is use this shortcode on your target page.
  • Spam Protection. Edwiser Forms comes with complete Spam Protection. With Spam Protection fields in place, all the data you receive will be 100% genuine.
  • Entry Management. You can access all the form data in one place, thanks to the advanced Entry Management system of Edwiser Forms.
  • Conditional Logic. Edwiser Forms includes Conditional Logic right at its very core. With Edwiser Forms, you can display further fields depending on the previous inputs in the form.
  • Ready-to-use templates. Form creation process becomes a lot quicker, thanks to ready-to-use form templates in Edwiser Forms. You can pick the template that suits your needs the best, and build further on it.

Edwiser Forms comes in two different versions: Edwiser Forms Lite and Edwiser Forms Pro

The various types of forms you can create in Edwiser Forms Lite include:

  • Contact Form: Maintaining contacts is a click away, with Edwiser forms! Create a Contact form and share it with your learners or even your site visitors, to get their contact details.
  • Feedback Form: In a world that has seen a lot of competitors coming up irrespective of the field, customer satisfaction is a prime priority. With Edwiser Forms, you can create a feedback form for your course learners.
  • Survey Form: You can even create survey forms using Edwiser Forms.  These survey forms can be about your future project plans, or even to analyze your prospective market.
  • Inquiry Form: You can use Edwiser Forms to create Inquiry forms. If a site visitor wants to know more about the courses you have to offer, they can fill up the Inquiry form for the same.
  • Subscription Form: Want to provide more value to your learners? You can create the simplest of subscription forms, using Edwiser Forms.

The Takeaway

Building advanced forms has never been easier. The best part? You don’t need to spend time on long hours of coding, to create the simplest of forms.

Over the years, Edwiser has been providing top-notch solutions to Moodler’s needs through various offerings like Edwiser RemUI, Edwiser Bridge and so on. With user convenience and speed right at the helm, Edwiser is bound to create a breakthrough in the Moodle ecosystem with its latest offering Edwiser Forms.

Disclaimer: Edwiser is a sponsor of MoodleNews.

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