In A Full Stack Moodle World, LAMP Goes A Long Way. Monthly Moodle Job & Trends Update

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We continue to track technological or otherwise notable keywords in Moodle job postings. Besides jobs listed at, we checked at the latest entries at freelance site UpWork. The posting must mention Moodle explicitly. The results stay on par with previous trends, with PHP, CSS and HTML at the top. A surprise is the decline of JavaScript, which for lack of more evidence can be singled out as a one-off anomaly.

This time we thought it might be useful to include “bundles” of skills. Past editions did not make clear if, for example, all CSS posts requested HTML as well. Or if posts requesting Linux proficiency were actually demanding the complete LAMP stack. Individual items were included: every time LAMP was mentioned, each of its components (Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP) were counted too.

Interestingly enough, our decision to include the bundle coincided with two interesting new requests, featuring for the first time: “Virtualization”, this time with Docker and Kubernetes; and “Full-Stack,” which for software development is the holy grail. It refers to a jack of all trades whose skills across usually separate fields enhance each other, which should make them exponentially valuable. It does not mean he can do all at once or using fewer hours than different specialists working as a team. Stay tuned to watch this trend play out.

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Moodle-related skill trends update

Spot Technology Month’s Mentions Δ
1 PHP 8 +3
jQuery 4 +1
Linux, Shell scripting 4 +1
7 Apache 3 +1
Version Control (Git) 3 +1
11 Automated Testing (PHPUnit, Behat) 2 NEW!
e-Commerce (Magento) 2 NEW!
JavaScript 2 -3
14 Accessibility (WCAG) 1
Adult Learning 1 NEW!
AWS 1 -1
Bilingualism (Spanish, French) 1 NEW!
Blockchain 1 NEW!
C# 1 NEW!
C++ 1 NEW!
Composer for PHP 1 NEW!
Full Stack 1 NEW!
Learning\Instructional Design 1
Plugin Development 1 NEW!
Totara 1 NEW!
Virtualization (Docker, Kubernetes) 1 NEW!
WordPress 1
JIRA (Moodle Tracker) 1

Moodle Jobs

Magento Developer for My Learning Consultants, telecommute, contract-based (September 26th)

Developer for Moodle Desktop customisation for “Moodlers Academy,” telecommute, part-time (September 25th)

Instructional Applications Programmer for UCSB in Santa Barbara, CA, full-time (September 13th)

ICT Administrator for Moodle HQ in Barcelona, full-time (September 12th)

Moodle Virtual Educator (no developers need apply) for eLearning Experts, telecommute, contract-based (September 12th)

UX Developer for Synergy Learning in the UK, full-time (September 11th)

PHP Developer for Synergy Learning, in UK, full-time (September 11th)

Full Stack Developer for the NHS Leadership Academy, in the UK (selected cities), full-time (posted September 7th)■

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