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Corrections made on June 26. A previous version of this article incorrectly stated that Arlo was involved in eCreators free training gift.

eCreators is a sponsor of LMSPulse. Claim your 9-course Remote Working Toolbox free following the instructions at the end.

And find the presentation by Dean Saunders, eCreators Founder and CEO, at the LMSPulse Elearning Success Summit.

eCreators, one of the largest and most innovative elearning companies in Australia, is giving out a free and timely gift for Moodle and Learnbook users. It is the latest in a series of efforts to provide comprehensive content solutions to the already robust porftolio of offering and partnerships, most recently featuring training management solutions provider Arlo. (Request a Learnbook — Arlo LMS demo here.)

The Social Experiment: Dean Saunders at the Elearning Success Summit

For EdTech veterans like Saunders, for many reasons the goal of an elearning professional is to remove complexity. In practice, this takes many forms. Breaking down long established teaching paradigms that do not fit our current technological landscape, but especially do not fit the modern learner. Removing features deemed essential by engineers, but clutter the experience. Encouraging more channels of communication between student and teacher, even if it represents additional challenges in the infrastructure.

“Pioneer sounds so old,” Saunders humbly remarks. In the past couple of years, Saunders has been on a world tour that could be well described as self-evangelization. To lead on the next generation of learning technologies, he’s become a more attentive listener. Of cutting edge technological leadership, and of customers and partners alike. “I’m a lucky guy.” Ever since his first educational forays teaching nurses how create and print a document on a computer, and up until this day, Saunders’ love for education sparks every time he sees the “change on people’s eyes when they go, ‘I get it now.'”

Part of the results, which are only beginning to coalesce, include eCreators generous Remote Working Toolbox gift.

Remote Working Toolbox, Free resources weekly throughout 2020

To counter with limited skills, as well as feelings of limited support and isolation, eCreators is launching the Remote Working Toolbox. An initial set of 9 off-the-shelf courses will be accompanied with extra goodies throughout June and July this year. They are created by the eCreators team as a free resource, helping many organisations to give them a great starting point within their LMS.

The initial roster of course provide a complete overview of the issues needed to tackle to ensure successful elearning remote teams. They are based on the eCreators team’s own experiences during their transition:

  • Staying Productive While Working from Home (See sample)
  • Improving your mental and emotional health
  • Dealing with loneliness
  • Overcoming family violence
  • Setting up your home workstation
  • Training remote employees
  • Working from home during Coronavirus
  • Caring for your mental health during a quarantine
  • How to make hand sanitiser

The courses are ready to include in your Learnbook, Moodle or compatible LMS. To get your Toolbox, sign up here.

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