End Of Summer Hiring Spree! The Best Moodle Jobs From HQ, MUA, Partners And More

WANTED #MoodleJobs

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Wanted: Administrative and project support officer for the Moodle Users Association

The kindling force for the future development of Moodle is looking for an Administrative Support Officer to nourish the fire, by helping more forward active Project Development Cycles, promote the Association and increase its visibility on all levels including physical and online events, 10 hours per week. CVs are accepted until August 31st.

Full job description (Google Doc)

Wanted: System Administrator for eThink Education

Moodle Partner (the biggest of them all?) seeks a full-time engineer to help administer a vast AWS-based operation, “fine-tune” sites hosted on LAMP environments, and general team and customer coordination, all from the comfort of wherever they can set up a VPN.

Full job description

Wanted: UX Developer for Synergy Learning

Drive, enthusiasm and expertise define both the tenure of this Moodle Partner for UK and Hong Kong, and the ideal candidate’s traits, which should also be able to develop professional user interfaces and demonstrate cross-browser SCSS, SASS, jQuery and version control skills.

Full job description

Wanted: eLearning Integration Engineer (JavaScript) for KnowBe4

North America’s third best SME to work in technology, as Fortune would have it, is interested in someone capable of integrate solutions and standards in an information security solution. Processes, Standards, Compliance and Accessibility are big pluses. Relocation expenses will be considered.

Full job description

Wanted: Moodle DBA for People Service, Inc

An “oracle” of Moodle troubleshooting in Oracle is wanted in Amherst, to perform systems maintenance and optimization. A jack of back-end trades will come in handy, including Perl, Bash, Puppet and Ansible, among others.

Full job description

Wanted: Learning Tech Support Specialist for UCSF

A Learning Technologies Specialist shall assist faculty and staff in Moodle and the interconnected learning ecosystem. Help desk experience, willingness recommended

Full job description

Wanted: Web Services Developer for Chichester

Corporate and e-learning web systems at the Sussaxon university need a handy person to come work at the South Down National Park adjacent campus, to “construct” projects at customer requests and specs. CVs are welcome before August 19th.

Full job description

Wanted: Moodle Technician for The Learning Station

Experienced developers looking for an adventurous run at this up-and-coming startup can help fine-tune software and processes, run in AWS. Security is another desirable skill, which might get to choose between Haringey North or their own home.

Full job description

Wanted: Accountant for Moodle HQ

There are still jobs left to do at the original headquarters, including processing accounts, payroll, bank reconciliations and more whimsical duties as per the CFO’s delight. Expected to carry MS Excel under their arm, the candidate must be CPA qualified and foreign (for Australia) banking knowledgeable.

Full job description

Wanted: Junior to mid-level PHP/Moodle developer

No degree is required (though highly recommended) for this position open for Jamaican software developers with at least of experience that includes in addition to the obvious, stateless (RESTful) web applications, only.

Full job description

Wanted: ICT Systems Administrator/Administrador de sistemas/Dev Ops at Moodle HQ in Barcelona

Unwrap the new chairs and desks at the second Moodle offices as you become an “international” Moodler of mystery, as not many details about the offering are disclosed.

Full job description

Ranked: Technology Skills Demands

SpotTechnologyMonth’s Mentions????
1JavaScript, Object-Oriented Programming55


5CSS, CSS33-2

jQuery, jQuery mobile311


Moodle, Virtual Learning Environments3BACK!



Security, Authentication28

Version Control, Git2NEW!
 Australian Business environment1NEW!
 Compliance (HIPAA)1NEW!

Design, Wireframing15


JIRA (Moodle Tracker), Software Development Cycle13








Scripting (Puppet, Ansible)1NEW!




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