eThink Education’s Remote Work eBook Will Expertly Guide Your Workplace In The New Normal

The Remote Work eBook: Your Guide to Creating Effective Remote Workplace Learning Programs by eThink Education

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Download the eBook “The Remote Work eBook: Your Guide to Creating Effective Remote Workplace Learning Programs” here

Companies of all stripes and sizes can use the power of the Learning Management System (LMS) to improve business and operational outcomes and serve customers better. But now, leaders realize that the New Normal demands bold action, specifically on moving further into remote working and learning territory. “Augmenting” the workplace through an LMS and all its advantages, current and upcoming —we’re talking AI, next-gen analytics— will open up new paths and “technology mixes” that are set to redefine organizational processes, make or break people’s journeys towards empowerment, and increase the stakes on learning technology choices.

The undeniable potential meets an equal amount of risks and pitfalls. To strike the perfect balance, few companies provide the peace of mind eThink Education has as all-encompassing provider of technological solutions, paired with world-class service. (We’ve covered at length eThink’s approach, evidence and recognition in this area.) It is simply a matter of realizing that the model is proven, it works and it can be scaled. The challenge is not to get results, but to make them widely known.

Which explains the intent and approach in eThink’s Remote Work eBook. It’s an attempt to synthesize the company’s early inroads in virtual workplace and collaboration, and the consolidation of a culture that over the years has leveraged flexible working arrangements. After great talent —an asset of which the company’s CEO, Brian Carlon, could not be more proud—, empowerment and efficient collaborations are necessities if you wish to aim for success in more competitive arenas.

eThink’s Remote Work eBook might be targeted to the general workplace, but it underscores the value of true leadership, an asset that has never before felt so essential, perhaps due to its scarcity. Real organizational leadership is what allows large-scale initiatives that provide quick and reliable answers in turbulent times, which in elearning systems could involve things like:

  • Architecture. Building and “future-proofing” practices, processes and structures underpinning not just a new model, but one made to be adaptable.
  • Strategy. Developing a strategy and informing it with the use of data in ways that are valuable, sensible, and lead to the empowerment of users, not their disadvantage.
  • Capacity building. Delivering digital innovation and the internal capabilities required to respond to many forms of uncertainty.
  • Innovation. Take advantage of the increased reliance on certain technologies to modernize them and gain organizational confidence on them.
  • Narrative. Last but not least, considering how the company’s journey is now told on a whole new setting, but without altering its core values and pursuits, nor the alignment from top-level vision to day-to-day interactions with users, clients and learners.

Just like readiness invites good luck, a challenge-ready approach can seize opportunities, which in all likelihood will continue to increase along with our economic and social changes. Institutions need to perfect skills that keeps their business models afloat, which among other things demand bold, yet careful action.

5 strengths of a Learning Management System in your Remote Work play

  • Safety an ease of rolling out training programs, updates and announcements
  • Complete flexibility of time and place. Sometimes even connectivity isn’t a deterrent
  • Productivity and ability to manage performance with the help of data and dashboards
  • Fresh takes on traditional Learning & Development (L&D) paradigms
  • Cost-effectiveness vs people-intensive training settings

Download the eBook “The Remote Work eBook: Your Guide to Creating Effective Remote Workplace Learning Programs” here

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