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Moodle User’s Association has got a brand new committee to look after the activities of the association for next one year. During the recently concluded MoodleMoot Australia 2016, the MUA committee has assigned the roles and responsibilities to all the newly elected committee members.
The committee comprising of total 10 members includes 4 executive roles – Chairperson, Vice-Chairperson, Secretary and Treasurer.

New Committee members with Roles:

Let me acquaint you with all the 10 members one by one:

  1. Steven Powell – Chairperson – Lancaster University, UK : Worked as a learning technologist at Lancaster University for ten years and currently handling the VLE and associated systems.
  2. Emma Richardson – Vice-Chairperson – East Central BOCES (Board of Cooperative Educational Services), USA : Involved with Moodle as an administrator and consultant since last 8 years, presented at various MoodleMoots and PHM (Particularly Helpful Moodler) Badge holder on Moodle forums.
  3. Nick Thompson – Treasurer – UCLA, USA : Coming from UCLA and using Moodle for almost a decade, Nick is conversant with Moodle with both technical and non-technical aspects. Nick had also served as the chairperson during the previous tenure of the committee.
  4. Jeff Webster – Secretary – North Carolina State University, USA : Involved with various learning technologies since last 20 years, Jeff is also using Moodle since 2007 as an administrator and development manager.
  5. Mark McKay Committee Member  University of Minnesota, USA : Moodle users since a decade and worked with Moodle HQ for various usability testing projects. Also served as the local chair for MoodleMoot US 2015 and Co-Chair for MoodleMoot US 2016.
  6. Hideto Harashima – Committee Member – Maebashi Institute of Technology & Moodle Association, Japan – Got maximum number of votes during the committee voting this year and served as the President of Moodle Association of Japan. Joined MUA for raising the voice of Moodle users in Asia and speakers of Non-English users of Moodle.
  7. Joseph Thibault – Committee Member – MoodleNews, USA : Running the most popular Moodle News blog since 2009 and served as the committee member during the first tenure, Joseph wants to grow the membership base and awareness within the broader Moodle community.
  8. Richard Samson – Committee Member – University of Vic, Spain : Using Moodle in a university context since 2008, Richard is very keen for Open source tools and especially Moodle. He is the brain behind organizing the honorary doctorate for Martin Dougiamas.
  9. Jean-Marc Doucet – Committee Member – e-Learning Consultant, France : Wants to promote MUA in French language world, MCCC certified and translated the course in French.
  10. Jaswinder Singh – Committee Member – MoodleWorld, India *: Moodle User since 2010 in various roles and author of the Book “How to use Moodle – 2.7”. Single-handedly organized the first ever MoodleMoot in India in Feb. 2016. Wants to raise the voice of Moodle users from South Asia.

*  Initially I was not elected as the member of the committee but due to some unavoidable reasons one of the committee members has to give up and so I got the opportunity to serve the association as a committee member. I hope that I can do justice to the faith shown in me by other MUA members.
Let’s hope that Moodle User’s Association will bring more contribution from the community members and assist with the development of Moodle project.
Happy Moodling!!!

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