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The intent behind the bold moves by Open LMS to acquire the business, customer base and teams of top Moodle LMS providers eThink Education and eCreators are not difficult to understand. By recognizing the unique strengths of each team, the company, itself part of Learning Technologies Group, secures some of the best talent available in the various fields of elearning and EdTech spaces today.

But while acquiring diverse teams is a significant effort, ensuring that the motivation and conditions that made such quality of work possible is perhaps the more daunting challenge. Changes in scale, focus and schedules can take a toll on the best performing and most resilient of people-based processes. Fortunately, the “all-star” leadership at Open LMS has always understood the importance of placing people first.

In order to protect a team and a process of content creation which under the helm of Dean Saunders led the Melbourne-based team to an increasing number of achievements; while bolstering it and making it available to the Open LMS and elearning communities at large, eCreators will keep its name, as it will consolidate content development and elearning design services provided by a team of artists, creators and instructional designers. For clients of Open LMS, including those coming from eCreators and eThink Education, eCreators by Open LMS will work as an in-house agency of sorts.

But the team’s core content services will not remain exclusive to Open LMS clients. Over the coming weeks and months, eCreators by Open LMS will start taking its elearning creativity show on the road, challenging and inspiring elearning creators towards achieving powerful, engaging, effective elearning content in a variety of formats and a vast array of audiences. It is the same energy and focus vaunted by the team who in 2020 won a “Best Learning Design team” accolade at the LearnX Awards, along with many others. Customarily held in Parramata, Greater Western Sydney, LearnX Live replaced the in-person ceremony for a virtual one.

Aside from the coveted LearnX Award, the eCreators team prides itself for having high-profile clients the likes of Electronic Arts, Nissan, Porsche, Lifeline Australia, Movember and more. But you don’t need to be a large enterprise to benefit from eCreators by Open LMS’ work.

In 2020, as a way to provide support to the countless affected companies and people as a result of the pandemic and ensuing general lockdowns, the eCreators team has the inspired —and inspiring— idea to offer top quality elearning content for free to anyone who would find value in it. Thus, the “Online Learning Toolbox” was born. Considering the challenging times many of us went through, eCreators’ free courses on topics like “Family Abuse,” “Mental & Emotional Health,” “Dealing with Loneliness” and “Time Management” among a couple dozen items, provided a timely and meaningful aid to organizations, families and individuals throughout the year.

Luckily for all of us, eCreators by Open LMS not only plans to expand upon the charitable idea, but it has expressed firm intentions of making the Online Learning Toolbox a yearly staple in the company’s outreach. The 2021 season of the Online Learning Toolbox has just begun, and elearning professionals, advocates and enthusiasts are invited to sign up and start receiving a complete course made by the award winning team in SCORM format, ready to plug into your LMS every Friday.

Learn more, check out past resources and sign up for fully free courses at

To contact the eCreators by Open LMS team or schedule a meeting, click here.

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