Gone Moodle: Freshman Academy, Freedom Project and Telford College

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As usual here are a few schools embracing Moodle, enhancing it’s features or using it in novel ways.

  • Beverly High School, Freshman Academy, Beverly, Massachusetts [article | Moodle site]: freshman this year at Beverly High are getting an extra special transition to the school through a virtual program to supplement their location to the top floor of a new building.  Students will be divided into teams with staff and teachers and provided their own space via Moodle for coordination of their team based projects and communications.
  • Freedom Project Education, Wisconsin [press release | Moodle site]: this non-secular/partisan organization (American Opinion Foundation) is unveiling it’s course curriculum for high school students delivered through Moodle.  FPE is seeking accreditation for it’s new curriculum of low cost courses.
  • Telford College, Edinburgh, Scotland [article | Moodle site]: Telford college is providing students a mobile app which will help to eliminate paper waste but also provides Mobile access to the school’s Moodle site.  “There’s no escaping it, we live in a world of technology and our young learners are amongst some of the biggest users of mobile technology. Almost all of them own or have access to a smart phone” says Miles Dibsdale, Tisdale Principal.

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