Gone Moodle: Rosemount High School, Houston Community College

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Gone Moodle recently:

Using an online service called Moodle, some teachers are asking students to do just about everything online. Teachers can keep their class schedules online, and list assignments there. Students can access resources on their computer, attend online chats and submit their homework electronically.

“The benefits are, obviously, organization,” said science teacher Veda Kanitz, who has led the push for Moodle at the school. “If the student isn’t in the class it’s all there for them.”

The service also saves paper, which is where Kanitz’s interest started. She is in charge of a student group that is working to reduce the carbon footprint at RHS, and saving paper on homework assignments could help. [link]

HCC, which is in the process of planning its migration from its current proprietary learning management system (LMS), made the decision through a thorough RFP process performed by an evaluation committee.

“Houston Community College has a vibrant and fast-growing online program. We look forward to working with Moodleroom’s joule® LMS, and all the features it provides, as the college continues to improve the quality and increase the number of courses delivered online,” says Dr. Stephen Levey, Associate Vice Chancellor, Instructional Resources & Technology at HCC.

HCC determined that joule is an excellent long-term solution for faculty because it is based on an open-source Moodle core which, through its worldwide user and development community of 36 million, offers core improvements and upgrades on a regular basis without additional costs. [link]

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