GSoC 2016 Update – Moodle continues to carry the legacy of open source projects through 4 successful projects #Moodle #GSoC16

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The results of Google Summer of Code – GSoC 2016 are announced and Moodle has actively contributed with 4 successful projects. The Moodle community developers mentored the aspiring students through Google Summer of Code (GSoC) program since 2006.
This year also the Moodle developers continue the tradition with guiding four students from Sri Lanka, Canada, India and Romania on innovative projects that resulted in new features and plugins for potential implementation in future Moodle releases.
As covered earlier in this post, the 4 students which were selected for the GSoC 2016 worked on the projects which have the potential to enhance learning for Moodle users and assist developers in their work.
GSoC 2016 Update - Moodle continues to carry the legacy of open source projects through 4 successful projects #Moodle #GSoC16David Mudrak, Developer and Community Development Liaison at Moodle HQ, commented on the mutual benefits for staff and students for being involved in this program.

“Moodle’s involvement in the program really aligns with our values of being open source, enhancing access to education and encouraging innovation.”

To end the 2016 Google Summer of Code program, two of Moodle HQ staff and mentors – Mark Nelson and David Monllao – have been invited to join the Google Mentor Summit. The Summit is a three day ‘unconference’ at Google HQ in Northern California.
On the other hand, Google has announced the key dates for GSoC 2017. Check out the important dates here.
For more details about the projects check out this Moodle page and the presentations delivered by the participants in the recently concluded Developers meeting.
Check out the full announcement here.

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