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By skipping on 2019, the team has been able to work on a high quality event, where instructional designers from all over the world are eager to show what H5P has been enabling them to do.

In addition to the expert presentations, topped by Griff’s opening keynote, there is a decisively instructional tone across the 3-day conference. The 4 core conference topics are:

  • Creative builder lab: Workshops by up-and-coming open source instructional designers, focusing on popular content types and common roadblocks in the design process.
  • Research and Data Driven Teaching and Learning: Findings by researchers on the impact of H5P on learning and teaching.
  • Facilitating the Integration of H5P: Issues of institutional implementation and scale, including discussions on OER, licensing and administrative support.
  • Teaching with H5P: Best-of-breed examples of usage in the classroom and other learning settings.

Some intriguing talks include “PowerPoint to H5P without the copy-paste drudgery,” “Emerging H5P and Authentic Materials for Language Instruction:A Case Study in a Chinese Classroom,” and “Students in Rwanda and Denmark working to change the world using H5P. A story about the SDG’s told by the young generation.” (I am really not doing enough justice to the program).

The second edition of H5Pcon is still confirmed for May 18-20 in the Memorial Union on the UW-Madison campus, in Madison Wisconsin.

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Speaking about SaaS, arguably the best expression of what H5P can do should be It’s your personal cloud\playground with the full H5P experience.

At first glance, you might not notice any differences from hosting your interactive content in your LMS. But as a professional instructional designers, can help you jumpstart your learning design process, thanks to some key features:

  • Hosting: The core feature of The team spared no expense and can deliver “high end datacenters” in U.S., Australia and Europe. This would likely make H5P compliant with the Europe’s General Data Privacy Regulation (GDPR).
  • LTI Integration: You can download all your content to upload in your Content or Learning Management System. But through LTI, you might find it easier to embed content from your personal cloud and serve it anywhere. You get results and analytics tracking, can serve any changes instantly to all places, and retain full control of your content.
  • Better analytics: While not entirely clear, it is possible the H5P activities hosted here provide a higher degree of tracking and analytics —and perhaps larger xAPI coverage— than through the CMS and LMS plugins.
  • Video optimization (coming): An interesting push which might give teachers and designers an alternative from YouTube among the growing number of people who take issue with the platform.

And of course, you would be helping H5P fund its roadmap of new content types, features and fixes. is free for a 30-day trial, after which plans start at $57 USD for up to 3 users per month, with discount for annual subscription. See latest reported pricing.

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H5P, WCAG 2.1 Accessible where it matters most

Perhaps a learning technology’s sign of maturity?

Since November, a great deal of effort in new H5P developments involved getting the tool up to speed with interactive standards. Today, a breakdown by interactivity type is available. It shows some work left to do, but bases covered on the most popular types. Interactive video, Presentation, Documentation, and various Quiz types appear as WCAG 2.0 AA compliant.

In many cases the screen reading testing was done with the free and open source NVDA and ChromeVox (Google Chrome exclusive) screen readers.

Support for WCAG 2.1 has been unofficially announced in the works, likely available by the summer.

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