Latest H5P for Moodle Upgrade Propels Interactivity Collaboration (And More H5P News)

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The Moodleverse has spoken, and the H5P Core team has listened. Over the past few weeks, the Norway-based developers have made key improvements to the H5P plugin for Moodle, one of the fastest and easiest ways to add interactivity to a Moodle course. Even though the Moodle plugin is younger than its WordPress or Drupal counterparts, team engineer Svein-Tore Griff With assured us Moodle is getting the best attention it can get.

In fact, the April update, version 1.1, is “the first step of the H5P Hub”, an attempt to create a comprehensive interface for educators, designers and programmers, to deploy H5P content right within Moodle. Starting with 1.1, H5P users will see regular refinements in both functionality and usability. Over time, we will witness further options to create and collaborate on H5P-based interaction design, thanks to the “H5P Hub”.

The core of the update is a revamped content type interface. Now, the selection menu provides item descriptions and icons, with the choice to see more information on each type. It will place on top content types used before.

The H5P Core team vision for an “H5P Hub” of Open Educational Resources (OER) looks to allow users to share content with other H5P users, whether they are workin on Moodle or other platforms.

And to put this vision into a higher gear, the team plans to increase the rate of releases. As Griff stated,

«Hopefully, there will be updates almost every week at least.»

These new features follow on February’s update of the plugin, which included:

  • Course backup support. Now when you export or import a Moodle Course Package (MBZ extension file), H5P content will come along.
  • CSS editing. Designers can change and fit the H5P plugin’s layout, without having to edit the plugin’s code.
  • JavaScript. Similarly to the CSS, H5P provides a space to edit how an H5P content type interacts, without having to deal with the plugin’s code.
  • Advanced H5P editing customization. Menu items and options in the H5P authoring window can be added, removed or shuffle at will.

Upcoming updates will include the ability to add reviews and ratings to content types, which will also be a sorting criteria in the content type selector. The layout itself will also get more attention and a more compact UI.

And of course, user feedback will influence the new directions in the H5P-Moodle integration.

Get the latest features by updating the H5P plugin for Moodle.

Read more about H5P for Moodle here.

Here are some other interesting, Moodle-adjacent, H5P news:

New H5P Content Types

The web-based interactivity standard is ready with yet another update. Three new content types are added to the already wealthy roster, counting 31 at the time of writing. Listed below, they are also a milestone for the Open Source community behind H5P, as these new features were all contributions from volunteers

Image Juxtaposition: it adds a vertical or horizontal slider between two images. As it reveals one, it hides the other. It is a great way for before-and-after comparisons or visual layers. See an example below:

Find Multiple Hotspots: a game or assessment activity where the users must select the right regions or elements, out of an image or a collection of images. Feedback is available for either right and wrong choices, or even add additional response categories. See it in action:

SCORM (for Drupal): Rather than another form of interaction, this content type allows to add content from a SCORM package into the H5P designer. Unfortunately for interested H5P-eager Moodlers, it only works with a SCORM module from Drupal. See an example in the video above.

More H5P news:

Read the latest release notes at

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