Help build the Moodle for future – Participate in Moodle Usability Testing survey (Round 2) #Moodle

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In continuation to the previous survey for Moodle usability testing, Moodle HQ Lead User Experience Designer – Alberto Corado, continues the endeavor to improve the Moodle’s User Experience by starting the Round 2 of the Usability Testing.
Earlier last month, Alberto organized the first Survey for Moodle Usability testing which provided some great insights about how people navigate through Moodle sites (The results are not disclosed yet). Now, the next round survey contains questions to know “How you use Moodle?”
Help build the Moodle for future – Participate in Moodle Usability Testing survey (Round 2) #MoodleThe survey consists of a small survey and a card sorting activity, which will take a maximum of 10-15 minutes altogether to complete. Last date to participate in the survey is 27th October, 2016 UTC 16:00 hrs so make sure that you submit your response before the cutoff date.
Click this link to get started with the survey.

Volunteers for Moderated Usability Testing:

Apart from the survey, Alberto is also seeking English speaking forum members for future moderated usability test sessions. The sessions will take approximately 15 – 30 minutes to complete and will be moderated by a member of Moodle HQ.
If you are interested in making Moodle better for future, you can become a volunteer for the moderated usability testing. Click here to show your interest.
Let’s spread this news to all you colleagues, friends and others to participate in this survey in order to make Moodle better for future.
What are the areas which needs improvement for enhancing the Usability? Do share with us in the comments section below.

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