Help Make The ‘Rope Team’ Moodle Course Format A Reality

Help Make The 'Rope Team' Moodle Course Format A Reality

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A suggestion for a new Course Format to be included in Moodle 3.3 has been submitted to the Moodle Tracker by none other than Martin Dougiamas. The “Rope Team” Course Format, which seems to have been developed in a hackathon during the Shaping the Future Conference 2017, held this past January in a ski lodge in Alberta, not only piqued the “Moodler’s” interest, but apparently his sense of urgency.

The “Rope Team” course format proposes a team-based structure for content delivery and monitoring. A 16-slide presentation accompanies the proposal. Other possible names for the format include Studygroup or Docendo (from the Latin proverb Docendo Discimus, or “by teaching, we learn.”)

The breakdown of the format goes like this:

  • Topics are grouped into “Camps.” A course can have several “Camps” but all camps must have the same number of topics.
  • Teachers are “Facilitators” who develop resources and lesson structures for each topic.
  • Classes will be split among teams, with the number of members being equal to the number of topics in a “Camp.”
  • Each team will choose a “Camp Leader” for each topic, a unique and exclusive role. Consequently, each student becomes a “Camp Leader” for exactly one “Camp,” and a “Camp Learner” for all the others.
  • The “Camp Leader” will teach the subject to his teammates using the resources and lesson structures from the “Facilitator.”
  • The team is responsible for the proficiency of each member in every topic.

The course format would offer the ability to create the groups automatically or manually. It would offer a special dashboard for “Facilitators” to keep track of “Camps” and teams. Within each team, “Camp Leader” selection tools would be available.

As interesting as a new course format could be, it would probably work best as a plugin instead of a core feature, at least until it iterates through user feedback and reaches a critical mass. Another objection raised by the community is the “critical” level of priority Dougiamas raised for the issue on the Moodle Tracker pipeline. In any case, the idea is new and still open for comments, voting, watching, and of course, development contributions. The slides include some interface mock-ups.

Visit the issue and interact at

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