How LMS And Other EdTech Are Readying The World’s Teachers For A Fully Online Transition

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When things seem to be at a disarray, nowhere better to turn than towards those whose mission is to bring sense, order and a deeper level of collaboration within the elearning ecosystem.

With the privilege IT companies particularly enjoy, pretty much all LMS providers, EdTech and elearning companies have ensured work from home arrangements to promote “social distancing” and help “flatten the curve.” No doubt we are exemplary, but there’s also no doubt how unflattering it would be if we weren’t.

Here is how the top players in the “LMS Space Race” are assisting current and existing teachers into a definitive migration to online learning.

Sakai and the Apereo Foundation

The decentralized nature of the Sakai project has shown to be no limitation in the community’s response, even if you have to dig a bit for answers. But a little patient might be more than rewarding.

On other measures taken by the Foundation and its product family, the Open Apereo Conference is confirmed to migrate online.

Check out Dr. Charles Severance at the LMSPulse Elearning Success Summit.


The nonetheless EdTech giant is expanding operations, with strengthened video and mobile platorms. It reports that, within a week, its mobile app was downloaded more than 120,000 times, with no disruption of service.

On a blog post, CEO Bill Ballhaus, further confirmed their plans, announcing discussions with AWS to ensure cloud resources aplenty.

Its commitment to Accessibility is noteworthy even in rushing times, thanks to its AI-powered Ally, which offers a free assessment checklist.

For web conferencing, its flagship Blackboard Collaborate has launched a “self service portal.” (You still need to call someone to get started.)

D2L’s Brightspace

Health and safety are a priority at D2L, one of the longest running elearning company. Through careful concern over privacy and data, CEO John Baker pledges to extend on-premise services through the AWS cloud at no additional cost. The Customer Success team is also ready to assist customers, the community of which Baker thanks due to their fast reaction to “rally together to share resources.”

See some of them in this COVID-19 resource page.

D2L is a Bronze sponsor of the LMSPulse Elearning Success Summit.

Instructure’s Canvas

The fate of its investors might be up in the air, but the LMS is as ready as it’s ever been to help with the “Big Move” of the largest mass of U.S. Higher Ed users into semi-permanent online experiences. Key assets that make the Canvas LMS reliable is its deep integration with fairly widespread tools, including Zoom and G Suite; but above all, the reality-defyingly enthusiastic community of Canvas Advocates online.

LTG’s Open LMS

For the artist formerly known as Moodlerooms, then Blackboard Open LMS, its acquisition by LTG could not have put a bigger spotlight than now. The words of former Blackboard’s Chief Learning and Innovation Officer, now Open LMS Managing Director, Phil Miller, appear to be compatible with the evolving circumstances:

«[I]’d like to assure you we are planning on things continuing as business as usual… The second thing I want to tell you is that we’re planning to invest. Hiring more people. Investing in the product and the marketing. We want to grow this business and we have a plan to do that. Finally, I’m excited about what LTG may bring to our clients. They’ve been a long time leader in elearning from content, VR, simulations, gamification, talent management.»

New found Open LMS sibling Rustici has also ensure sustained support and service scalabilty for their wide product menu, including content, SCORM and LRS among others. (Rustici’s SCORM cloud

Fateful, or auspicious time for Open LMS? Only time will tell. For now, a series of community town halls have been announced, with no definitive dates.


In a way, the largest LMS out there has been ahead of the curve in many ways. Last February, the Perth and Barcelona headquarters implemented a full month working remotely.

Moodle has taken the opportunity to promote their free MoodleCloud tier which offers teachers a Moodle-like experience for a teacher and up to 50 users.

On other updates, consider your favorite “Moot” deferred. MoodleMoot UK & Ireland, the one coming up, has been pushed to September; while no announcement has been made for MoodleMoot Brasil, candidate to most populous gathering of all, in all likelihood it will not move forward.

Check out Martin Dougiamas at the LMSPulse Elearning Success Summit.


The current authority on home-based corporate learning is sparing no resources to convince more companies to take it online. In the corporate LMS view, the sudden push only accelerates an unstoppable trend, which involves not just home-based work but increased flexibility and autonomy over a person’s time. These realities have influenced the LMS design, making it the obvious candidate for many.

Read “How to work (and learn) from home effectively” at

Totara and Moodle Service Partners

Providers of open source LMS on the cloud have enjoyed the infrastructure and human talent needed to carry on people for long, and seem eager to stand the test. None more vocal than Moonami, whose “no questions asked” offering is ideal for first-timers in a rush.

eCreators is setting out to bring everyone into a full-fledged telecommuting arrangements by having their whole team at home.

Check out Dean Saunders at the LMSPulse Elearning Success Summit. eCreators is a Bronze sponsor of the Summit.

eThink Education remains confident on the quality of its services, the “high-touch” of its support, and above all its focus on using technology to strengthen a culture of learning, will prove essential into an effective and sustainable transition to online learning.

eThink Education is a Bronze sponsor of the LMSPulse Elearning Success Summit.

Elearning Experts is eager to help you.

Other companies of interest:

BigBlueButton (Blindside Networks)

The open source web conference warrior, early savior of Moots and school years, is piling on with extended infrastructure resources and frozen prices for existing and ne w customers. True to its open self, parent company Blindside Networks debuts an open source load balancer which might prove critical for any cloud-based solution facing sudden demand upticks. BigBlueButton is compatible with all major LMS and as a standalone service.

Check out Blindside Networks’s Fred Dixon at the LMSPulse Elearning Success Summit.


Another subject of sudden popularity who has also leveraged AWS to deliver without issue 7 times their regular demand.

Check out H5P Founder, Sven-Tore Griff, at the LMSPulse Elearning Success Summit.

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