How Professional Academy Leverages Moodle Customization Totara For A World Class Training Experience

How Professional Academy Leverages Moodle Customization Totara For A World Class Training Experience

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According to their website, Professional Academy is “the world’s leading provider of digital marketing, sales and leadership courses”. Their offer is completely supported by Totara, a Moodle distribution catering to corporate and government learning markets.

Totara has been in existence since 2011. From that time on it has made Moodle available to new organizations and contexts. This makes Totara a commercial twist to Moodle, allowing easy ways to add catalogs, contact forms, webinars and pre-made calls to action.

This would make the job of Heads of Learning Content Development much easier. In an interview for How To Moodle, Hayley Wesley, a person with this exact title in Professional Academy, agrees.

“Quality, consistency, recognition and professionalism”. This are the substantives she used as motto to find a partner for the development of Professional Academy’s learning platform. One that joined their online brand development program. One that made Professional Academy’s sites recognizable and would propel their usability at the same time.

Hayley concedes that How To Moodle delivered. Their bespoke theme is easy to colorize for Professional Academy’s own corporate clients. Users recognize the improvement over the previous platform, the Totara one looking “fresh and modern”.

Professional Academy demonstrates once more the reliability of open source Moodle and its Totara customization for a massive commercial endeavor. However, it never hurts to find the good company of a Moodle Partner.

Read the full interview here.

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