How to find Moodle programmers/developers for your project

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How to find Moodle™ programmers/developers for your projectSomeone recently asked me, “how can I find a Moodle developer to help me with my Moodle [integration, plugin, module, block, theme] project?” Through my own experience there are just a few basic ways to find someone with Moodle help.  So if you’re interested in finding a Moodle programmer, or if you have a project in need of some paid technical expertise, read on.

The very first thing you’ll want to do is clearly outline and describe the project you have offered.  Things you might consider are researching similar projects and their costs, asking contacts on or in forums about the scope of your project, ensuring a detailed description of your project so nothing is lost in translation.  Clear goals and time-lines will help take any project from start to finish.

You’ll also want to put a good amount of consideration into your budget.  Have a good idea of what the project might cost you, even if you have to ask a programmer friend for some feedback on how complicated your task is.  Once you have a ballpark budget and clearly outlined post it’s time to launch your search.

  1. Jobs: 100s of job descriptions are listed for open (and past) jobs in the Moodle community.  Posting a job here is a great way to get some early contacts and options.  From my experience there are at least a few international firms might contact you with very specific skill sets and claims, but otherwise the individual community members with a) an interest in freelancing and b) working with Moodle code are the best quality leads
  2. Freelance job boards: Elance, Odesk, Freelancer, Guru, etc.  These are all great options for finding and managing free-lance developers and programmers.  Elance is my personal favorite.  It’s easy to use, provides a really great team/client management interface which allows for uploads, chat, discussion forums and milestones.  It also allows you to deposit your money in advance so that when a project is done and approved the payments are available to your contractor.  As an added bonus, as long as you have a clear description of your project you can solicit bids from available freelancers and pick from the lot based on their past feedback, number of jobs finished and self-posted background.
  3. Network: asking your personal network for suggestions, leads or ideas is definitely the best route to find someone to assist in your Moodle project. Making contacts at, through Twitter or through your own Moodle blog is a great way to find/locate great Moodle programmers who (while often super busy with their own awesome projects) might be up for taking on your project.  Ask on Twitter, post to your blog about it (or submit a description to Moodlenews and I’ll be happy to seek applicants), or email list serves and community groups for assistance.

What awesome Moodle project are you working on?

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