India make up in the Top 10 countries list of Moodle site registration #MoodleStats

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Moodle project is acclaimed worldwide and is getting a lot of interest in developing countries also. Recently, India make up in the top 10 countries list of Moodle registered sites with around 2k registered sites.
The top spot remains with USA with more than 10 k registered sites followed by Spain, Brazil, United Kingdom and Mexico. The top 10 countries who are using Moodle are as follows:
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Other Amazing Stats

Moodle is now having more than a total of more than 70k registered websites in 233 countries around the globe. Some other interesting stats about Moodle are as follows:
[table id=23 /]
The number of registered sites is far lesser than the total websites around the world and doesn’t represent the actual stats.
Want to know more about Moodle site registration? Check out this Moodle doc page for complete information about Moodle site registration process and other frequently asked questions. Check out recent Stats about Moodle here.
Have you registered your site yet? If not, you can register your Moodle site by logging in as an administrator and going to Administration > Site administration > Registration. If you face any problems while registering your site, feel free to share with us in the comments section below.

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