Innovera, Open LMS’s New Partner to Deliver On-the-Ground Support to Organizations in the Middle East

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Innovera Group was founded in 2013 as a multinational EdTech company. Its objective is to create solutions within the sector to help address clients’ specific needs throughout their educational journey. Since its inception, Innovera has grown to become a trusted partner for key international EdTech companies, and recently, became Open LMS’s key partner in the Middle East. It will offer coverage throughout the region, to support institutions currently digitally transforming.

Digital Transformation in the Middle East

While many Moodle-based institutions in the region already had a roadmap towards digital transformation, many only incorporated eLearning for a short portion of the day. In 2020, the shift to online learning grew to 4-5 hours of online learning during an academic day to cater to students during the pandemic. With COVID-19 and the transition to going online, it’s been incredibly fascinating to watch how different institutions and ministries of education have responded,” says Robert Speed, Innovera CEO.

Alongside the surge of online learning, Innovera has also seen a shift in professional development. Part of the equation of digital transformation is adopting the right technology, and another important aspect is having instructors successfully adopt the tool. “There is a strong demand for teacher training to help them be online and to help articulate all the various curriculums that are being used online,” affirms Speed. An important extension of Innovera’s offering for academic, corporate, and institutional customers is providing the accompaniment of LMS adoption and training, something that distinguishes them as a great technology solutions partner.

A Strategic Partner for Open LMS 

As a strategic partner for Open LMS, Innovera will provide on-the-ground coverage across the region. This means being able to create the right value for customers depending on their unique needs. Through its experience in the Arabic countries, Innovera has a unique understanding of how the education systems work on the ground, making the company an ideal partner based on its knowledge and expertise to properly support customers. “It’s such a privilege being able to work with Open LMS. Knowing the team as we do, as well as the company strategy, it’s very easy for us to create the right value for our customers,” says Speed. 

A real shift in online education technology investment is also evident, as many academic institutions in the region have spent significant time and effort transforming their educational offering, which now must include eLearning. “Data is also supporting the success of this transition over the last 10 months or so, and it is putting some very interesting conversations on the table with regards to further investment on the digital transformation roadmap and technology spend to support infrastructure,” shares Speed.

Countries Leading Digital Transformation

The company’s current key market focus is on open-source customers in Egypt, Saudi Arabia, and the UAE. These countries are well on their way to transform their education systems, and there’s already a vast amount of digital content from various publishers around the world that has been ‘Arabized’. Right now, a key driver is how to improve access to technology. The infrastructure is improving across all countries in the region, reports Speed, and those are the countries leading the charge with regards to digital transformation and online teaching and learning. 

The most interesting challenge with eLearning in the region is around adoption, he adds. How technology adoption takes place at institutions depends on the right positioning, value proposition, and partnership. This is where Innovera Group feels uniquely positioned to help customers, as it strives to ensure the systems acquired are fully adopted and that teachers are trained to use the software and programs effectively.

Evolving the Customer Relationship

Another key focus for Innovera is centered around evolving the customer relationship over time, and Speed believes it’s all about trust. There’s a wide range of choices in products and services today, more so than before. Hence, solidifying the customer relationship is a key factor in the success of any tech initiative, and this can only be achieved over time and by providing great customer service and support. To this end, Innovera spends a great deal of time monitoring data analytics to help drive customer decision-making and student success. 

So whether an institution is hesitant to invest in the technology, to put their faculty and staff through the transition of going online, or to adopt more tools in the future once an LMS is in place, Innovera is well-positioned to provide data-based advice to guide customers to the best outcome possible.

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