Is Your Organization Ready For Competency-Based Learning? Blackboard And Moodle Help You Find The Answer

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Our current landscape of learning technologies and the development stage of Competency-Based Learning (CBL) share common steps in their paths. Both are increasingly ready to offer timely knowledge in relevant contexts. Both facilitate a fined-grained view of the learning process. And both find a place in Moodle 3.1. The latest update helps the implementation of learning plans, courses, modules and activities whose completion demonstrably certifies a student’s competency.

The problem for CBL and LMS is now focused on planning and strategy. To find out whether your organization is ready for a CBL implementation, Blackboard wants to help. The Moodle Partner is launching an encompassing initiative to promote Competencies. Their starting point is the “Readiness Tracker“.

The Readiness Tracker has five stages covering the implementation cycle. It begins with Planning, in which inquires about the demand validation of your academic program in the market, your business model, and the reliability of your operational processes.

The next stage is Preparation. It assesses your fulfillment of regulations as well as internal policies for students, employees and similar stakeholders.

In the third stage, Ownership, you make sure academic and non-academic staff have the tools and motivations to promote your competencies strategy. After all, faculty is usually responsible for defining the competencies and ensuring alignment with content and activities. Assessment of the goals and challenges is also part of this stage.

Delivering is the fourth stage and the first to inquire abut the practical implementation. The burden moves to administrators and IT people to fill out Moodle with the content developed to support your CBL strategy. Technical testing on quality, usability and accessibility of systems put in place define the set of questions in this stage. This is when Moodle skills ―or should I say, competencies― of the IT crowd are put to the test.

We complete the cycle with Support. Are the academic services ―think school library or counseling― set up to help students in achieving their competencies in a demonstrable way? Are students aware of the competency-based outcomes expected of them, and the tools you put at their disposal? Are possible risks that could impact the CBL process, and ways to prevent or mitigate them, considered? If you have managed to arrive at this stage and answer positively these last questions, it seems your place is CBL-ready!

In any case, Blackboard will provide a full report, upon your filling out of contact info.

Visit Blackboard’s Competency-based learning hub, for the Readiness Tracker and related content, here.

For Competencies in Moodle and more videos visit the official documentation here.


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Have you implemented Competencies in your Moodle set up? Let us know your practical advice in the comments below!

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