iSpring Suite 11: Boost Learning Experiences With a Brand-New Authoring Toolkit

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iSpring Suite 11: Boost Learning Experiences With a Brand-New Authoring Toolkit
Easily turn your PowerPoint into an interactive learning experience with the iSpring Suite add-on

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iSpring Suite 11: Boost Learning Experiences With a Brand-New Authoring Toolkit

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Last September, iSpring Solutions Inc. announced the upgrade to its flagship iSpring Suite 11. Expanded customization options, a larger asset library now with hand-drawn characters and locations, and a revamped media player are some of its key new features.

This tool is fully compatible with iSpring Learn LMS, an online training platform that goes beyond standard training delivery and helps companies transform their business. Content created with iSpring Suite can also be easily exported to over 150 of the most popular LMSs, where it will display perfectly and provide training statistics.

The new iSpring Suite 11 has a modern, extremely intuitive interface and additional features that let users create more personalized learning experiences and allow learners to study at their own pace:

New customization features

Instructional designers can create courses in keeping with the brand identity, set the colors and gradients of the player, round off buttons, and use downloaded fonts. They now can also use one of the five new course player templates and create their own presets once and then simply select this preset instead of building new courses from scratch.

New look of interactive role-plays

iSpring Suite 11’s role-plays have a new look and animations. Learners’ replies don’t disappear as before, but move up the screen. This allows learners to track the progression of their training scenario better – how the answer options they’ve selected affect the dialogue.

Hand-drawn characters

Unlike previous versions, iSpring Suite 11 lets educators create role-plays with hand-drawn characters and locations designed by iSpring professionals. There are 18 ready-made characters with multiple images of their emotions, and more are on the way.

Player speed options

iSpring Suite 11 introduces a new feature based on user requests that lets learners select the course playback speed. There are now 5 playback speed options, from 0.75 to 2x. Course developers are able to decide whether to enable this option for their learners.

“iSpring Suite 11 focuses on the most essential aspect of online learning – the learning experience. With this new version, course creators have endless options to customize how their content looks and displays,” says Michael Keller, eLearning Officer at iSpring. “Freelance instructional designers can create unique presets for each of their clients. L&D specialists can design training programs in keeping with their brand identity. Teachers can incorporate hand-drawn characters to engage their students and explain new topics in a more exciting way. Everyone will be able to create even more impactful eLearning with Suite 11!”

Pricing and Availability

iSpring Suite 11 is available in 9 languages, and the course player window comes in 13 languages, including Spanish, Chinese, and Japanese. It can be downloaded at the iSpring Solutions website and used with a fully functional trial for 14 days.

This release also introduces a new special pricing plan for freelancers, in addition to special prices for academic institutions, nonprofit organizations, and government agencies.

What is iSpring?

iSpring Suite is an all-in-one authoring toolkit that lets users design pro-looking eLearning content — interactive courses, quizzes, video tutorials, role-plays, SCORM-compliant e-books, and interactions, fast with no tech skills or IT background required. It also comes with an extensive library of assets and templates and an online space in which users can store content, work on it together with their team, and share it with stakeholders for review and approval.

iSpring Solutions, Inc. is a global leader in creating award-winning software for eLearning. It released iSpring Presenter, its first eLearning tool, back in 2001 and has designed multiple advanced, yet easy-to-use, solutions for eLearning professionals ever since.

For over 20 years, iSpring has developed more than 10 stand-alone eLearning tools, such as iSpring QuizMaker, iSpring Converter Pro, and iSpring Cam Pro. These tools are highly popular among eLearning professionals both separately and together – in iSpring Suite, an all-in-one authoring tool. The release of iSpring Learn, a cloud-based LMS, in 2014 enabled companies to power their online learning with iSpring’s solutions alone. The vendor constantly updates its products to stay one step ahead of the game and introduces new features based on user requests.

iSpring is recognized for its beautifully engineered products and exceptional customer service. More than 59,000 customers in over 170 countries choose iSpring for its high performance and reliability. The customer list includes thousands of freelance instructional designers and teachers, almost 200 of the Fortune 500 companies, government agencies, and educational institutions worldwide, some clients being Microsoft, SAP, Boeing, Dell, Adidas, Procter & Gamble, University of California at Berkeley, Harvard University, and Stanford University.

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